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…I caught the adventure bug. Sure, I’ve always been active. I played soccer growing up. I went to Girl Scout residence camp six times. I sailed. But now, I want something more. Something bigger.

It all started when I fell head over heels in love with the Carolinas, specifically North Carolina. David (the hubby) and I visited both North and South Carolina with our good friends Lindy and Jerod in May. The smoky mountains had me at “Hello,” or well, you know what I mean. I couldn’t stop looking out at them as we followed the curvy road to our cabin located by Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I was content and happy. I felt enveloped in nature.

On this same road, David suggested if we were anywhere near the Appalachian Trail (AT), he wanted to hike a portion of it. The idea of hiking this lengthy trail had started years before for him. The plan was to hike the entire trail with his Army buddies after they all got out. Problem was only David left the service, all the others re-enlisted.

Our opportunity arose when we visited Clingman’s Dome (which is in Tennessee). There, hikers can access the AT. We hiked a portion. It was a very small portion, perhaps only a mile, but that was all it took to get my wheels turning. The idea of hiking more of it didn’t seem too unrealistic.

I do understand, though, that it is not realistic for us to do a thru-hike. The AT cuts through 14 states and covers 2,000 miles. It takes thru-hikers a good 3 to 6 months to complete their journey with at least $2,000 to fund it. Basically, time and finances we do not have.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to hike the trail again. Oh no, there are other ways. Instead of hiking for months, we can hike for a couple of weeks. If you think this blog will be about preparing for that adventure, you’re right. But there are also so many more adventures along the way. This is just a teaser.

Follow me through all my training for my adventures and fitness goals. I hope you find my journey not only entertaining, but perhaps inspirational enough for you to work toward your own goals and adventures you want to accomplish.

First goal: to complete a half marathon. I signed up to race in the Kansas City half marathon happening on Saturday, October 20.

Want to see how I’m preparing for the half? Stay tuned.