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I know I promised an update on my half marathon training schedule, but life got in the way. It’s pesky like that. I was very bad last week. I worked too much (you’ll find I tend to do that a lot), I stressed (because of work), I had fast food at least three times (because I was working late), and I did not work out at all (because I was spending so much time at the office). Do you see a trend? I know I shouldn’t work that much, but it’s how I’m wired. I have a very strong work ethic. A big deadline is coming up and I want to do everything in my power to have the product delivered on time and for it to run smoothly along the way.

But enough with this negativity, there were fun (and important) things that happened this week that did not take place in the work environment.

1. David and I closed on our first house Thursday! It’s all ours now. :) The down payment transaction depleted my savings, but it’ll all be worth it.

2. David and I went on a float trip together this Saturday.

David and I traveled to Meramec State Park, located in the small town of Sullivan, Mo., to float down the Meramec River. I must tell you, though, you will not expect who we floated with. David’s parents invited us to join them and… their Sunday school church group. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse. We had never gone on a float trip before and his parents said if you two go, we’ll pay for it. That’s right, a FREE float trip. (David and I are still in the college mindset that anything free is an excellent opportunity and should not be turned down.)

So, after a HALF day of work on Friday (go me!), we made the 4-hour drive to Sullivan. This drive consisted of winding roads. I don’t do well on winding roads. I get motion sick. Therefore, when I saw we had to take a lettered highway, I braced myself. Highway H = roads that went both up and down and side to side (you know, hills and curves). I made it, though. From there, the trip went really well.

The next day after waking up at a time I usually only reserve for weekdays, all 33 of us got on a school bus and were dropped off at our starting point. If you think a trip with “old people” (they declared themselves that) would be boring, you’d be wrong. Although we were the youngest couple there by at least 20 years, we were all in the adolescent mindset. There were water guns. LOTS of them. Yes, even those Nerf Super Soakers. We weren’t on the water but 5 minutes and they started shooting. Later on, there was even a planned ambush.

We had the biggest raft in the group. It could hold up to eight people, so it held our group of seven just fine. Others had smaller rafts or canoes.

Photo op!

Me and my cool yellow water shoes.

Guess what we found along the way? A very cute 8-month-old Australian Shepherd pup named Miley. I love dogs! I practically ran to ask her owner if I could pick her up. :)

Another photo op. This time with the Hubby.

About halfway into our 5-mile float, we stopped and had lunch. While it was just sandwiches, I agree with one of our fellow rafters: everything tastes better outside. After lunch, we explored a nearby cave. This was my favorite part of the day. It was such a cool (both figuratively and literally) experience. With a flashlight, we headed into the dark cave. We waded through very cold water. I’d say it was about 50 degrees. Our feet went numb, but we kept exploring on. We shimmied through spaces that were only a foot and a half wide or so. When our feet were so cold we couldn’t take it anymore, we stepped onto nearby rock ledges for them to thaw out. Those who could bear the cold water could explore the cave for a mile or so. While we didn’t attempt that, we tried out how completely black it would be without light. When there was no one around us, we turned off the flashlight. We were submerged in darkness. I couldn’t see David. I couldn’t see my hands. It was a neat feeling, but it definitely had a claustrophobic undertone to it. After 30 seconds of darkness, we flipped the flashlight back on and headed back to the river.

Our first float trip was definitely a success! Now, I’m interested to see how a float trip with our age group goes.

Next weekend David and I are traveling again. Be on the lookout for a post about our trip to Ludington, Mich.