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After all, it was the Kansas City Zoo run. :)

More than 1,300 of us ran past elephants, giraffes, and red pandas on Saturday. We ran across bridges, up and down some mini hills, and through narrow walkways. It was such a fun course! And on top of that, I am proud of my time. :) I ran the 4-mile course in 36:04 and placed 10th in my age group.

As with most races, this race was for a good cause. Each year the zoo raises money for a particular animal. One year it was the polar bear, while one year it was the black-footed cat. This year it was the Sumatran tiger. I’m not a huge fan of cats (I’m a BIG dog person), but I would say big cats (such as leopards, tigers, etc.) are an exception. It would be awesome to pet one!

Not only was the race itself great, but the company was great as well. David and I met up our athletically-inclined friends Lindy and Jerod at the starting line and explored the zoo with them afterwards. (Those who participated in the run could show their running bib and receive free admission to the zoo that day). I also ran (ha ha, I couldn’t resist!) into Amanda, a good friend of mine that recently started getting into running. Amanda, I’m so happy you’re enjoying running — keep it up, girl! It was wonderful to see everyone. I’m glad running brings us all together.

Because of this run, I’m adding two goals to my list in my About Me page:

1. Go on a safari. (Wouldn’t it be great to see giraffes in their natural habitat?! Gotta save up for this one, that’s for sure…)
2. Participate in the running portion of a triathlon (that is if the triathlon is special enough to allow separate people to do the different events). OR Participate with a team in a relay and run a leg of the race. (Thanks Lindy for the ideas!)

Even though I gave it my all for the 4-mile race, I did not complete a long run this weekend. I did, however, run 4 miles on Sunday. So, 4 miles Saturday + 4 miles Sunday = 8 miles + probably 4 miles of walking around the zoo on Saturday = 12 miles. Twelve miles in bits and pieces will have to do as this past week’s preparation for the half marathon. Next weekend I’ll have to push through a long run.