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October 20 is this coming Saturday. Only 5 days stand between me and the big race. I’m still nervous and anxious, but I’m ready.

I focused, trained, and did the best I could to relax.

Since I last posted, I have gone on 3 runs, totaling 14.5 miles. Pretty solid. This week I plan to run only once. After all, I want to have fresh legs for the day of the race.

I haven’t been drinking that much more water, but I have cut my caffeine intake down a bit. I still need coffee in the morning. It makes me happy. However, I haven’t had pop in the evening like I have in the past.

I know this sounds silly, but making a playlist is difficult. It takes time and attention to get just the right mix. For my Half Marathon playlist, I wanted the first couple of songs to have a fast tempo — to complement the adrenaline I’m going to feel. Then, for the songs to slow down a tad — to send a signal to my brain to keep a steady pace. But then, halfway I want the music to pick up in intensity — to let me know I should be about 6.5 miles into the race and to continue giving it my all. I also like to categorize this part as the “angry” section. Work with me here. :) This section includes, “Part of Me” and “Circle the Drain” by Katy Perry, “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood, “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy, and “The Party Song” by Emery. I wanted the last section of songs to start off upbeat, then transition to mellower songs — to mirror what I’m sure I’ll be feeling. After 10 miles, I know I won’t be as peppy as I started out the race. I hope to use this time to breathe (mentally — I’m sure I’ll be huffing and puffing throughout the entire race) and focus on finishing.

Although I would have loved to buy a bunch of songs, I instead decided to be frugal. I combined songs from CDs with songs I bought off of iTunes. Here it is:

1. Good Time — Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
2. Time is Love — Josh Turner
3. Marry You — Bruno Mars
4. Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go) — Dierks Bentley
5. Would You Go With Me — Josh Turner
6. Ready to Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) — Panic! At The Disco
7. Moves Like Jagger — Maroon 5
8. What Was I Thinkin’ — Dierks Bentley
9. Country Girl (Shake It For Me) — Luke Bryan
10. Back in Time (From Men in Black III) — Pitbull
11. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull) — Usher
12. Blow — Ke$ha
13. Hurricane — Panic! At The Disco
14. More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix) — Usher
15. Jai Ho! — A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
16. Part of Me — Katy Perry
17. Blown Away — Carrie Underwood
18. Electric Chapel — Lady Gaga
19. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs — Fall Out Boy
20. Circle the Drain — Katy Perry
21. The Party Song — Emery
22. Hot Tottie (feat. Jay-Z) — Usher
23. Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) — Flo Rida
24. See You Again — Miley Cyrus
25. Damaged — Danity Kane
26. Mad as Rabbits — Panic at the Disco
27. Breathless — The Corrs
28. Grenade — Bruno Mars
29. You Fckn Did It (Live) — Jason Mraz
30. Scream — Usher
31. Fastest Girl in Town — Miranda Lambert
32. Springsteen — Eric Church
33. Somebody Like You — Keith Urban
34. Bruises — Train feat. Ashley Monroe
35. Arms — Christina Perri
36. Up (Live) — Jason Mraz
37. Forget It — Breaking Benjamin
38. 93 Million Miles — Jason Mraz
39. Heartbeat (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)

There ya have it. Two and a half hours of music. My goal is to complete the race before the end of the playlist, but I’ll be happy to cross the finish line no matter the time. Can you imagine running for 2.5 hours straight? That is crazy to think about!

And have I been eating more meals at home instead of going out to eat? Why yes I have! I’ve made BBQ Chicken Burgers (check out pbfingers.com for the recipe — I love her blog!), Tequila Chili (it tastes like normal chili), and a Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake. Now, I must mention — these aren’t the healthiest of recipes, but at least they are healthier than fast food and most restaurants! Next time I come across a good recipe, I’ll be sure to post a picture of the food along with the recipe, so you all can enjoy it too!

Progress is feelin’ good! I’ve gotta keep up this momentum and dedication. I’m soooo close — it’s time to finish strong!