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I had an excellent 3-day weekend this past weekend. I hope you all had a lovely time, too! I slept in all three days. I relaxed. I was crafty. I saw friends. I spent time with the hubs. Ah, so nice. I would be willing to work longer days if it meant I could have 3-day weekends every weekend.


On Friday night, I had the opportunity to hang out with my good friend Jess. She lives in Wichita (about 3 hours away), so I jumped at the opportunity to catch up with her and see her adorable son, Jimmie. I really do mean adorable. Every time I see her, I always make it a point to say, “You have the cutest kid.” Sarah also came to visit Jess. Jess and Sarah and I went to school together — elementary through high school. It was fun to catch up on each other’s lives. All of us ate pizza and attempted to play The Logo Board Game. (Thanks for the pictures, Jess!)

Hiding From the Camera

David was OK with having his picture taken while he was eating. What a goob. :)

David was OK with having his picture taken while he was eating. What a goob. :)

Somehow the game was too complicated for us, so we opted to watch Pitch Perfect instead. Which really was perfect. We had all seen it before and loved it, so we quoted and sang along.


Nothing beats the feeling you get after you sleep in. David and I had no place to be until that evening, so we slept in until 11 a.m. and lounged around the house and watched several episodes of Lost. David and I are beyond hooked on that show! We are nearing the end of Season 4 and we just started watching the show on Netflix a month ago. I’m not going to think about all the hours we’ve put into watching it. Sigh.

After we had our lounging fix, we headed out to try a new place to eat. Nothing fancy. It’s called Freebirds World Burrito. It’s like Chipotle or Qdoba, but with more options. I enjoyed it because I could get ground beef and a smaller size burrito. Two pluses over Chipotle. After our late lunch/really early dinner, we headed to a… roller derby bout! Bet you never would have guessed that, huh?

One of my coworkers, Kelly, is on a team called Royal Pains, which is a part of a bigger roller derby organization called Dead Girl Derby (DGD). Believe it or not, Kelly (or known by her derby alias: Mel Breakdown) got the idea of joining a roller derby team after she saw Whip It! I’ve seen the movie, too, but it didn’t help me figure out the game at all when I got to the arena. It’s much more complicated than I was expecting. There are jammers, blockers, and pivots. Jammers score points by passing through the pack of blockers. Pivots are positioned in front of the blockers and help control the pace of their team. However, they can become an active jammer and score if the other team’s jammer passes them. It still makes my head hurt. I have a lot to learn. Looks like I’ll be checking out another bout this season! One of my favorite parts of the event was looking at all the girls’ creative names and numbers. Names included Gnarly Quinn, Raia Effing Sunshine!, Lil’ Red Wrecking Hood, Anna Conda, and Pippi Strongblocking. And then some of the clever numbers? 007, 6ft(down arrow), 2DFLR, and AK47.

Thanks Kate for the picture!

Mel Breakdown in action. Thanks Kate for the picture!


After sleeping in again, David and I went on a run. It was fairly nice outside for being winter and all. It was probably in the mid-40s — still cold enough for me to put on my running pants and new running shirt. My new running shirt with thumb holes. I was super excited about them. :) Yes, I’m a dork.

Aren't they awesome?

Aren’t they awesome?

I wish I could model for Nike. How fun would that be?! Nike, I’m available!

My standing running pose, so I can show off those thumb holes.

My standing running pose, so I can show off those thumb holes.

After the run, we finished off the day by home decor shopping, eating with David’s parents at Old Chicago, and squeezing in a Lost episode.


OK, I tried to get up at a more reasonable time, like 9 a.m. It didn’t work. I love sleep too much. So, I got up at 10 a.m. instead. David and I decided that we should go out for brunch because it was a holiday AND we didn’t feel like eating at home. We went to First Watch. Yum. I had my usual: biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and seasoned potatoes. I finished the entire plate. Like a breakfast champ. :)

After filling my soul with carb goodness, we headed to the movie theater to see Safe Haven, the latest Nicholas Sparks book turned movie. It wasn’t my favorite Nicholas Sparks movie, but it was still good. I enjoyed watching it. The Notebook holds the top spot for me, but A Walk to Remember and The Lucky One are also favorites of mine.

After the movie, we went home and David worked the rest of the afternoon, while I did a craft project. After surfing Pinterest, I found what I could do with the empty wine bottles I’d been saving. I bought a hot glue gun, mini glue sticks, and three colors of jute. On the first bottle I did (the red one below), I would put glue down and then immediately put the jute down on top of it. I did that around a fourth of the bottle. I soon realized it was a waste of resources (mainly glue), not the mention it wasn’t exactly pleasing to the eye. I learned that I could just wrap the jute around the bottle without the glue. I only needed the glue when I got up toward the curve of the bottle. Thankfully, I got the hang of it after the first bottle (which I should point out was a Captain Morgan bottle, not a wine bottle). The brown bottle was my second attempt and the green bottle was my third one.

The finished product.

The finished product.

I plan to make a couple more and put them up on shelf that sits very high in our living room. We have a canvas print of one of our wedding pictures sitting up there, too.

Question for you: Do you have a Pinterest project you’ve done that you’re proud of? What is it?