On Saturday night one of my best friends, Diana, held a wine tasting party to celebrate her 25th birthday. We all had a fabulous time. The evening revolved around celebrating, wine, talking, laughing, and food — how could it go wrong?

Before Mimi, David, and I headed out to Diana’s, we had to chill the wine, so we used an abundant resource that came in this past Thursday. Classy, right?


Each of us brought a bottle of wine we wanted the group to taste test. I chose to bring a riesling because I prefer sweet white wine. I picked this particular bottle of riesling because I loved the label. I tend to choose by the design of the label all the time. This bottle was called Anything Goes and on it had a fish standing on a chicken, the chicken standing on top of a pig, and the pig was standing on top of a cow. It illustrated that the wine really does go with anything.


I also liked the wine label on the bottle of rosé Mimi brought.


We taste tested 7 wines: a merlot, a cabernet sauvignon, a rosé, a semi-sweet strawberry wine, two rieslings, and a moscato d’asti. Each person was supposed to rate each wine on look, smell, taste, and finish.

Diana sniffing one of the riesling wines.

Diana sniffing one of the riesling wines.

The best score a wine could get was 40. I say supposed to because I did not to do the rating system. I simply enjoyed the wine without having to decide how to rate the look and smell. I instead wrote down if I liked it, any details I wanted to mention (like “a little bit tart”), and funny quotes throughout the night.

A someecard always sums it up perfectly.

A someecard always sums it up perfectly.

I’ll share some of those quotes for your entertainment. :)

After we found out a particular wine went with fish — “Are there fish animal crackers?”
Thoughts on the cabernet sauvignon? “Tastes more like wood.”
During our discussion about people who taste test wines for a living — “Those must be fun training sessions.”

My favorite wine of the evening was the moscato d’asti. It was sweet, bubbly, and wonderful. David and I had Martini & Rossi’s moscato d’asti at our wedding for the toasts, so I will always enjoy that type of wine. For those who actually followed directions and rated each wine, the winner was the cabernet sauvignon.

I also enjoyed the get together not only because I got to see Diana, but that I also got to see Mimi and Amanda.

Mimi, Diana, and Amanda

Mimi, Diana, and Amanda

Mimi brought to my attention on Saturday that the four of us have been friends for 20 years. 20 YEARS! Holy cow. That is both amazing and crazy. Time sure flies. I am incredibly thankful to call you four my friends. We stuck together through elementary school, middle school, high school, and even through our college years when I went to a different school. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the laughs and memories. I look forward to many, many more in the future.


Questions for you:
1. Do you have a method for selecting your wine?
2. How long have you and your best friend(s) been friends?