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I saw this gorgeous human being on Wednesday night.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine of Maroon 5

OK, so it was me and 15,000 other fans. All of us packed the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City to see his band, Maroon 5, play a sold-out show.

I knew Adam Levine was an attractive man. But to see him in person, performing live. Oh, goodness gracious. He made me swoon! I know that sounds really old fashioned, but it’s the truth. He did make it Harder to Breathe. He can show me his Moves Like Jagger anytime — I would not object. Oh, um, this is a public post, huh? :) Back to the music then?

Their set had all the good stuff you’d expect: “Makes Me Wonder,” “If I Never See Your Face Again,” “Moves Like Jagger,” and wonderful tracks from the Songs About Jane album that will stand the test of time: “Harder to Breathe,” “Sunday Morning,” “This Love,” and “She Will Be Loved.” Instead of having the whole band play “She Will Be Loved,” Adam Levine and James Valentine teamed up to play an acoustic version of the song. Beautiful. It took me back to high school. Their first CD (Songs About Jane) came out in 2002 when I was a freshman. I’ve been listening to their music for more than 10 years. I can’t say that about many artists. Come to think of it, I can really only say that about Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz. (David and I went to Mraz’s concert this summer. It was by far one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.)

Along with the music, I enjoyed the stage setup. It was basic, which I expected from them, but it was nice. Dare I say it was pretty at times? There were a lot of laser lights and different colors of lights all behind their signature “M”.

Maroon 5 Stage

Maroon 5 Stage

As you can see, they also had a video screen behind them. I know it’s a staple at most concerts, but I was nonetheless thankful for it. Our seats were high up and it was nice to be able to see Adam and the band up close.

Adam Levine, again.

Adam Levine, again.

The whole band this time. :)

The whole band this time. :)

My favorite song of the night was the very last song of the night: “Moves Like Jagger.” My friend, Mary, had looked at the setlist before the concert and knew when it would be during the show. She couldn’t help but tease me about it.

Mary: You’re going to like the song that’s next.
Me: (After smiling really big) Yeah? What is it?… Wait! I don’t want to know…
Mary: OK…
Me: Well, give me a hint. (Obviously, waiting patiently isn’t something I’m good at.) Which album is it on?
Mary: It’s not really on an album. It’s a bonus track if anything.
Me: (I’m starting to smile bigger now) Is it a song that is normally performed with someone else that isn’t here?
Mary: Yes.

I then proceeded to squeal and jump around because then I knew what song it was. You better believe Mary and I got up and danced to it.

Maroon 5 Stage


It was a good show, I couldn’t of asked for anything more. Wait, I take that back. If Adam Levine took off his shirt at all during the show, that would have been great. There I go again…

I’ll leave you with this shot:

Maroon 5

Want to see the full setlist? Check it out below.

Setlist: Payphone; Makes Me Wonder; Lucky Strike; Sunday Morning; If I Never See Your Face Again; Wipe Your Eyes; Won’t Go Home Without You; Love Somebody; Harder to Breathe; Wake Up Call; One More Night; Misery; This Love. Encore: Stereo Hearts; Daylight; She Will Be Loved; Moves Like Jagger

Questions for you:
1. What Maroon 5 song is your favorite?
2. Have you listened to a particular band/artist for 10 years or more? If so, who is it?