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I worked out on Sunday and I was going to post about it, but well… I got caught up in reading other blogs (seriously, I could do that alllll day) and then David and I went to a St. Patty’s day party and didn’t end up leaving there until 11:30 p.m. Do you know how that goes?

Then Monday night, David and I switched phone carriers. We’ve been having trouble receiving and sending texts and phone calls in our own house. Ridiculous. For example, my text messages would fail sometimes, but if I retyped them slightly differently, they would send. I have no idea if it was our phones that were the problem or the service, but we had been wanting to get off of our parents’ plans for awhile, so what better time than now? We wanted iPhones, so it was either Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T. Neither one of us likes Sprint (for being based in Kansas City, you’d think they would have really good service, but they don’t). We thought Verizon was more expensive than AT&T. AT&T also got good reviews from friends (or rather, no complaints). AT&T won and we got new iPhones! So, naturally, I had to play with my new toy instead of blog.

But my workout is still relevant because I’m STILL sore!

I chose to do a workout I had pinned on Pinterest. It looked “easy” enough. Easy meaning I had heard of and done all the moves before.

Here are all the moves that are involved.

I repeated the cycle 3 times and it went smoothly. I took some breathers when I needed it, but overall it took 30 minutes. I only felt a little tightness in my right calf, but other than that, I felt nice and worn out like you’re supposed to after a workout.

Then Monday morning rolls around. My pecs hurt (darn pushups) and both my calves are incredibly tight and sore (perhaps because of the burpees?). I’m sure this is true with other muscles, but I’m going to say it anyways: You don’t know how important it is for your calves to not be sore. Day-to-day activities were super uncomfortable. I’ve had to walk slower and sometimes shuffle. Stairs? I’ve had to take them one at a time — making sure both feet are on the same step before moving on to the next because taking them regularly would put too much force on my poor calf muscle. Driving. Yep. Felt the soreness then, too. Sigh. At least I know I pushed my body, right?

Don’t let my soreness deter you from trying this workout. Just be sure to stretch a lot and let your body recover if you experienced as much soreness as I did. I plan on doing the workout again in the future, just not within the next couple of days.

I’m getting back in the fitness swing because running season is here! David and I are signed up for two runs in April: Brew to Brew and Purple Stride.

Brew to Brew is a relay race that consists of 10 legs. The route starts at Boulevard Brewery in downtown Kansas City and finishes at Free State Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas — a total of 44 miles. I should also slip in that by participating in this run, I will have completed my next fitness goal: Run in a relay race. (Check out my About Me page to see what goals I want to accomplish.)

Purple Stride is one of our staple runs, one that we do every year. The 5K raises money to fund pancreatic cancer research. The cause is near and dear to my friend Lindy’s heart, so we always make sure to support her and her family.

Questions for you:
1. If you’re a runner, do you have a race you like to participate in every year?
2. If you’re super sore after a workout, how long do you wait until you workout again?