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My next fitness goal is coming up super fast! Like Sunday, fast.

As you may have read in my last post, I’m participating in Brew to Brew — a 44-mile relay race that starts at Boulevard Brewery in downtown Kansas City and goes to Free State Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s going to be an all-day venture — that’s for sure. Racers start as early as 7 a.m. I’m running Leg 8 of 10 total legs, meaning I probably won’t start pounding the pavement until 12:30 p.m. or 1 p.m., which will be a new experience since I’m used to starting with everyone else. I’m excited to try something new, though!

Isn't the little guy cute?

Isn’t the little guy cute?

BrewToBrew - Leg 8

We have 8 runners on our team. Two of our members are running two legs (David included). I’m taking a moderate leg that’s 4 miles long. At first I was worried about running my leg, since it’ll be my first run of the year, but now that I’ve gotten a handful of workouts under my belt, I can make this happen.

And since it involves two breweries: There will be beer. Oh, you saw that coming? You guys are too smart. ;) Beer isn’t my favorite alcoholic beverage of choice. I enjoy mixed drinks and wine more. However, ever since our company started doing Beer Fridays, I’ve been more receptive to it. Yes, you read correctly. My work sometimes serves beer on Fridays. It helps with morale. And I’m all for it. Drinking alcohol while on the job? I’m in. So, I’m now enjoying Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat beer or Blue Moon beer on those days. Who would have guessed that I would ever enjoy a beer now and then?!

David and I went on a run this evening. It’s the last one I’ll do before Sunday. It was more eventful than usual. I didn’t get a side cramp or anything (thank goodness!), but a couple of things happened that don’t usually happen.
1. We walked past an elementary school with kids outside playing and some practicing soccer. One of the boys, who was probably 3rd or 4th grade, referred to us as “white folk.” I was slightly offended. But he’s still young, maybe he had no idea that it wasn’t appropriate. Then I started wondering if that’s how his parents talk and that’s where he learned it from… Anyways, I didn’t appreciate it, kid.
2. I started to run by a fence (David had already past it) that had a fairly big gap in it. As I was about to pass it, a bulldog pushed himself halfway through it. Scared me! I didn’t want him to bite me, nor did I want him to come completely out (especially right next to Quivira Road), so I backtracked a tad bit. I looked over and a great dane was in the yard with him. I swear the great dane could have done the littlest hop to clear the fence. That also scared me (I know great danes are super gentle, but I didn’t want to take my chances), so I cautiously walked by the house and up the street (opposite my typical route) and went up a block and over two blocks to get back on my normal route.

I’m glad my runs aren’t always like that!

Questions for you:
1. Do you like beer? If so, what’s your favorite beer?
2. What type of running event would appeal most to you? For example, would you prefer one with beer, one that takes place at night and you wear glow sticks, one that revolves around chocolate, etc.? Basically, what would bring you out to a running event?