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At least once a week on my drive to work, I daydream about continuing on the highway instead of getting off at my exit. I could see where it takes me. I could shop. I could go some place new for lunch. I could simply enjoy time away from the house, from the office, from responsibilites. Ah. Doesn’t that sound soooo good?

When I was little, I disliked road trips. I just wanted to get there. (It didn’t help I had {and still have}) motion sickness.) But now, I love a good road trip. I’m able to spend quality time with the hubs and/or good friends. You are basically forced to get to know each other better — after all you are locked in a car together. Muahahahaha.

Lindy and I stopping to take a picture while on our road trip in the Carolinas last May.

Lindy and I stopping to take a picture while on our road trip in the Carolinas last May.

It’s you and the open road. You have the opportunity to listen to all sorts of music. I get to drive my new car. (New = got it in December)


All sorts of good things are wrapped up into road trips.

So today when I realized David and I don’t have anything planned for this weekend. I decided we should take advantage of it. I posed the question to David, “Do you want to go to St. Louis this weekend?” He looked at me, puzzled that we didn’t have anything going on. Then again, typically, he doesn’t know what we’re doing until I let him know when and where he needs to be. :) He agreed, so it’s a road trip for the Tallmadges this weekend! My mood instantly got better from that point on.

Why St. Louis? David and I plan on signing up for a trip through the outdoor store REI. (MUCH more on that particular trip later, you know, once we book it. Ha ha) You see, there’s not an REI store here in Kansas. They are building one in Overland Park, but it won’t open until this fall. David and I agreed that it would be fun to go check out a store before we went on this trip (again, that we haven’t booked yet). The closest store is in St. Louis, Missouri, about 4ish hours away. Perfect distance for a short weekend trip. David has been busy daydreaming about what we could do, including a Budweiser tour, trip to see the arch (and go up in the arch), and visiting the Lewis and Clark museum (which apparently is underneath the arch). I’m going to be content going out to eat and sleeping in a hotel. I’m easy to please.

We are both big dreamers that lack initiative/action when it comes to these sorts of things, so I hope we follow through with our plan. I’ll post pictures of our adventures once we return!

Questions for you:
1. Do you daydream about traveling?
2. Where do you plan on vacationing this year?

We are going to two other places this year, but I’ll keep you in suspense for a little while longer. I have to have some way for you to keep coming back for more. ;)