I was going to write a nice post (with pictures!) about the murder mystery dinner David and I went to at a winery this past Saturday. But this girl is tired. I will write it up for you because we had a lovely time. Just not right now. :)

But I did want to pop in because I have something very important to share with you.

David and I booked our Shenandoah backpacking trip! Woot woot! We are sooooo excited. We even started searching through my dad’s old backpacking stuff to see if we can use anything for our trip.

There’s a slight catch, though. David and I are the first two people to sign up for the trip. Who would have thought?! Us, the procrastinators. So, two other people have to sign up — otherwise, we can’t go. And that would be terrible. I would be super bummed. We are 5 months away. Two people are bound to sign up in the meantime, right? We’re crossing our fingers…