David and I hopped on board the hypothetical disoriented express disguised as a winery event room this past Saturday to help solve a murder case.

My parents gave us the tickets for my birthday (which was in January). The murder mystery dinner theater took place at Holy-Field Winery, located in Basehor, Kan. We’d never been to this particular winery before, but we’ve visited several wineries over the past year, so this sounded right up our alley!

We always relish our date nights together. We keep ourselves busy with work and seeing friends and such. It’s always a good time when it’s just the two of us. It’s the simple things I tell ya.

Because it was a date night, we dressed up.


My mother-in-law bought this for me. Doesn’t she have good taste?



Silly and cute.

Silly and cute.


Once we arrived at the winery, we tried 4 to 5 wines each.


David is trying to get into red wines, while I’m a white wine fan. Because it was my birthday present and he’s a sweet husband, we got a white wine to split for dinner and the show. The specific wine? Kaw River Rhine. It has notes of grapefruit in it, which we loved.

We were seated at an 8-person table. We lucked out on our group — each of them were friendly and were willing to introduce themselves and chat.

There were only 2 actors who performed in the show, even though there were multiple characters — lots of costume changes happened. During the first “act,” we met the butler and a Russian-born actress. We also met all sorts of characters (audience participants) who knew her in some way, including her resentful producer, a competing actress, and a man who was hired to protect her. While we were eating dinner, she was murdered. (gasp!) It was up to us to figure out who was responsible and what brought her to her demise.

We had quite the team of detectives on the case: Confucius, Barney Fife, the blonde from Charlie’s Angels, Columbo, and Sherlock Holmes. Never thought you’d see all those people in the same sentence did you?


The blonde from Charlie’s Angels and good ‘ol Barney Fife.

Each detective-figure questioned a participating audience member and asked about his or her corresponding possible murder “weapon.” I put weapon in quotes because the means in which she died was unconventional.

Do you think it was:
The resentful producer with the knife that had red blood on it?
The biker babe/tattoo artist who gave the actress a tattoo using red ink?
The butler who served the actress red wine?
The winery’s event coordinator who gave the actress a salad with Russian dressing?
Or was it the competing actress who shared her red lipstick?

We wrote our guesses/accusations down and handed them in. The prize was a bottle of wine.






(Is the suspense just killin’ ya?)









Turns out it was Mandy who did it! Yep, Mandy, the winery’s event coordinator. (gasp!)

We need to up our sleuth skills because neither of us guessed the correct suspect. Although I do have a losing history with the board game Clue, I’m going to blame the wine for this one. ;)

So cheesy.

So cheesy.

We had a lovely time laughing at the show’s one liners, meeting new people, and drinking wine. We would recommend it for a date or a double date!


Question for you:
1. These murder mystery events are becoming popular (I even saw a Groupon for one the other day). Does the idea of going to one of these murder mystery type events interest you at all?