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Hi, all!

We’re back from Michigan. David and I had a nice time, but it’s always so good to be back home. And these warmer temperatures definitely help! Temperatures in Sandusky were between 50 and 60 degrees during the day. I was super jealous looking at my Facebook newsfeed of my friends enjoying days at the lake and other wonderful warm weather activities.

If you were looking forward to a Michigan recap, you’ll have to wait a tad longer. I’m still thinking about how to present it. I was thinking a day-by-day recap (similar to my St. Louis posts) may not be the best way. I’m long-winded already and that would just be super long. No need to test if you’ll stick around!

I owe you a running update anyways.

David and I and three friends participated in the Rave Run 5K, Friday, May 18, at Kemper Arena here in Kansas City.

Thanks for the photo, Lindy!

Thanks for taking the photo, Lindy!

I will say I enjoyed it more than the Color Run 5K. The Color Run was held at Arrowhead Stadium last July. It was so crowded (perhaps 7,000 people were there?), so hot, and such a money pit. The Rave Run was held at night (9 p.m.) so they could set up all sorts of lights. It was fun to run at night — I’m not a morning person, so it was good to be totally awake and alert. It was cooler than the Color Run was, but by no means was it comfortable. It was so humid, I was sweating from my eyebrows! Ha. Sorry about the visual…

You get more for your money at the Rave Run, too, including a wristband that lights up, glow glasses, and a t-shirt. You could buy additional stuff (these fun runs all seem to be money pits), but a coworker was nice enough to give David and I her St. Patrick’s Day glow bracelets she hadn’t used yet. We were set.

The lights were pretty and they had music blasting at two points on the course: at the beginning/end and in the middle. My favorite part was entering this tunnel that had all sorts of bright lights. The tunnel wasn’t very long, so it was short-lived — but still fun nonetheless. At the end of the course, runners could partake in a “rave” by dancing to EDM (electronic dance music). The friends I went with aren’t into that type of music, so I had to sneak in a couple of random dance moves while we were chatting.

Although I had a good time, I didn’t have a good enough time to do it again. I think I’m done with fun runs. I prefer timed runs — runs that aren’t as expensive and you get more for your money (like food at the end). I’m glad these types of runs are around, though, so beginners can get involved and see that running is fun.

Next run for me: Hospital Hill this coming Saturday. I’m super nervous about this one. I gave into peer pressure and signed up for the 10K instead of the 5K. I have only been running off and on for the past couple of weeks and only totaling about 5K each time. It will be a rude awakening. Vacation and eating out a ton does not help. The Hospital Hill 5K race is sold out, so I can’t bump myself down. I have to do the 10K. So, in true Mandy form, I decided I should fit in a really good last minute run this week. I went on a 6-mile run last night. Holy moly am I sore!

I know I can only blame myself for not training harder. Now, it’s just a matter of making the best out of the situation. Mentally I’m trying to rationalize it all to keep me somewhat calm:

  • I have completed a half marathon before — this is only a 10K. In fact, I’m sure I only trained for 10 miles before the half and added 3 more miles on race day. Same case here: I’m adding 3ish miles to a 5K. Doable, right?
  • When I go on runs, my routes include hills. It’s not like I run on flat terrain all the time. This makes me better prepared, don’t cha think?
  • I haven’t been completely sedentary. The Pinterest workout and the 6-mile run will help a bit.
  • And I can always walk. My only goal is to finish.

We’ll see how it all goes. Although I do love my Helen Gold 10K playlist, I’m going to try and make a new playlist for Hospital Hill.

Question for you:
1. I know I’m several days late, but how was your Memorial Day weekend? What did you do?