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“This is a marathon, not a sprint.”

The above quote from “The Wedding Date” (one of my favorite movies) explains my weekend perfectly. My weekend was centered around my friend Lia’s nuptials and the activities that go along with the big event.

I met Lia through my friend Mary a little over a year ago. I can’t remember the specific details, but I’m so glad David and I have become a part of their friend group. Lia is an absolute sweetheart, and her now husband, Brett, is energetic and fun.

(Thank you Mary for letting me steal the pictures you took.)

Friday — The Rehearsal Dinner

After getting home from work, David and I quickly changed into some fancier clothes and headed on over to Lia and Brett’s rehearsal dinner.

I didn't wear the fedora to the dinner, but David did, and I stole it from him after.

I didn’t wear the fedora to the dinner, but David did, and I stole it from him after.

Neither David nor I were in the wedding party, but Lia and Brett still extended the rehearsal dinner invitation to us. Add nice to their list of wonderful qualities. :)

When we showed up at the venue, the actual rehearsal was still going on, meaning it was just David and I and lots of family there. Remember, we’ve only known them for a year or so, so we didn’t know anyone else there. I decided to make the most of it, though. Let’s call it practicing my social butterfly skills. I met Brett’s grandma, a cousin from Mississippi, and an aunt among others. I should have introduced myself as the girl who created the invitations and programs, but instead I simply introduced David and I as friends of the bride and groom.

Once the soon-to-be bride and groom arrived, we ate barbecue and then a bunch of us hung out on the patio to recount the bachelor and bachelorette parties and to discuss the next day.

After everything was cleaned up, we headed out for a drink at Johnny’s Tavern — a night cap before the big day.

Saturday — The Wedding

David and I got up much earlier than we typically do on weekends so we could attend a block party meeting. We hadn’t been able to attend any of the other ones, so we wanted to make it to this one. (The last one was the day we got back from Michigan.) I’ve never attended a block party before, but I definitely want to be involved in our block party. Because even though the end of July will mark a year in our house, we haven’t met many neighbors and I want to change that. It’s coming up quick! It’s July 6th. All of us are encouraged to make a banner for our house that has our name on it to help the neighbors identify who is who.

After the meeting, David and I went on a 4-mile walk with Dexter. Boy, oh boy was it hot! It was good to get out and moving, though. David and I need to step it up and start conditioning ourselves for our backpacking trip — September will be here before we know it!

Not long after I showered and got ready for the day, I ran out to get nice Sharpie pens for the guestbook (I was the guestbook attendant) and a wedding card. Then, it was on to event #2 of the weekend — the wedding!

David and I arrived early, so I could see the bride and bridesmaids beforehand.


Mary, me, and Diana (who drove all the way from Chicago!)


We loved getting married so much, we wanted to do it again! :)

It was a beautiful ceremony, such a happy moment for a wonderful couple!

I should have taken a photo with the bride and/or groom, but I guess I just wanted to stay out of their way and let them enjoy their day and do what they wanted.

They had a photo booth, which is ALWAYS a hit at wedding receptions!


I loved the top hat prop — it hid my sweaty hair. Did I mention it was hot that day? Like 90 degrees hot.


Ew. Please disregard the yucky sweaty hair. I wanted to show this photo strip because these poses have become a tradition for David and I at any wedding reception that has a photo booth. Do you get it? We. Love. You. (By the way, I designed the “logo” that appears at the bottom of the photo strip. First time I’ve ever done that. It’s a neat feeling knowing that every single photo strip has it, so many people saw it.)

Most of us closed the reception down at midnight and continued to hang out with the bride, groom, and wedding party at their hotel for a little bit.

Sunday — Cookout

The fun didn’t stop until Sunday. (I told you it was a marathon.)

I woke up tired and sore from all the dancing I did. I know, life is hard.


Sunday lunch outfit.

David and I met up with the wedding party and family members at Brett’s parents’ house for a cookout. We talked about the wedding and the reception and all the stories that came from it.

After we left the cookout, David and I grabbed Starbucks and started filling out our paperwork for the backpacking trip. We finished up the evening by running an errand and watching Gangster Squad at home.

Very solid weekend.

Question for you:
1. Do you have any specific poses you try and do in photo booths or have you ever had a favorite prop?