Just wanted to pop in real quick to let you in on two important things.

1. I FINALLY got an Instagram account! Yes, I joined the rest of the world and I’m so excited! What a fun little app! I have only posted two pictures total, but there will be more to come. Follow me: adventurerintraining. The name is original, no? :) I hope to find one of those nifty Instagram widgets for the blog eventually. You know the ones that put your Instagram pics on a little slideshow thingy on the side of your blog? I tried the WordPress one listed in their supplied widgets, but it didn’t work. Do you have one? If so, what did you use? I’m open for tried-and-true advice!

2. I am all signed up for Bloglovin’! You could search for my blog before, which is both creepy and cool. But now, I, myself, have my own account so I can read all the blogs I want to in one spot. Blogs made on Blogger, WordPress, you name it, are on there. I’m looking forward to exploring some new bloggers. All you bloggers really are fantastic. I hope you know that.

Apparently to claim this here blog as my own (in my profile) on Bloglovin’, I need to paste this:

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/5711727/?claim=5f68pykbe6p”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

I hope it works!

I also hope to bring you some new content soon instead of just recapping my weekends. The backpacking trip is coming up and I’m sure some of you are interested in finding out more about the why and how, since I’ve only really touched on the what (and maybe when). Hope that all made sense. ;)

In other good news, this beautiful appliance was delivered and installed today.


You better believe we tested this puppy out for dinner. It worked like a champ. We only used to stove top, but we preheated the oven anyways. I kept watching the temperature climb. One time I glanced over it was 150 degrees, then the next time I looked over it was 180 degrees. Unbelievable. We got to our preheated temperature in no time. Ah. This feels like luxury now compared to our old one. And I love it. I can’t wait to use the oven for real. The oven even comes with an attachable meat probe. What?! Want to see what the internal temperature of the meat is while it’s cooking? Done.

Our next newly-purchased appliance (a dishwasher) won’t be delivered until next Monday. The kitchen is going to look amazing with all these stainless steel appliances soon! Our drab white fridge is going to stick out like a sore thumb…or well, look out of place that’s for sure.

That’s all, kids. Until next time, keep on having a good week!