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Hi out there!

Did you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend? I sure did. I can’t believe summer is over. Gah. Talk about total bummer. I didn’t even make it to the pool! Major fail. But looking back, I really did have good summer. I thought it would be fun to recap all the fun times I had between Memorial Day and Labor Day in an effort to boost my mood and remember that I had a kick butt summer. Bonus: I’m including things I didn’t blog about previously!

  • Traveling to Sandusky, Michigan and stopping in Indianapolis for a quick side trip. It wasn’t my favorite trip as you read, but it was still fun to travel some place new.

Port Sanilac Harbor. That’s Lake Huron right there.

  • Hospital Hill Run. I’m so glad I did this run! It’s quite the race here in Kansas City — this year marked 40 years! I didn’t achieve a personal record or anything, but I finished the 10K in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Not too shabby, I’ll take it!
    HospitalHillFunny side story…I didn’t start in my corral like I should have. There were TONS of people there (1,733 people in the 10K race, plus runners participating in the half marathon and the 5K) and I didn’t feel like pushing my way in nor shimmying through the hole in the barricades — meaning I started way later than my friends and my husband. Like 15 to 20 minutes later or more. Needless to say they were waiting at the finish line thinking I was a serious slow poke! He he. :)
  • Lia’s bachelorette party. Serious fun was had by all. From the pole dancing lesson to the shenanigans that happened while we hopped from bar to bar in the Power and Light District. And my house survived 8 girls staying over. Win! (My kitchen table did not make it, but it’s all fixed now.)
See. I clean up well occasionally. I also apparently need to learn how to take a darn selfie.

See. I clean up well occasionally. I also apparently need to learn how to take a darn selfie.

Party bus! Lots of neighbors asked about it later...

Party bus! Lots of neighbors asked about it later…

  • Lia’s wedding! It was the anticipated event of the summer. The ceremony was lovely. The reception was hot (it was June after all), but fun! I also got to hear how much people liked my work on their wedding stationery. Gooooood stuff.
Our photo strip from the photo booth was pretty legendary so I had to post it again.

Our photo strip from the photo booth was pretty legendary so I had to post it again.

  • Maker Faire with the rents and the hubs. For the past 2 years, I’ve given my dad tickets to the Maker Faire for Father’s Day. Maker Faire is held at the historic Union Station in downtown Kansas City. It’s event that brings all types of makers together. There are robotics competitions, jewelry and soaps for sale, steam punk booths, and all sorts of unique creations, including this guy.
    MakerFaireIt’s fun to see what people can come up with! There was even a car covered with anything teeth related. Of course, you get a picture of it, otherwise you wouldn’t believe me!

    Creative, yet creepy.

    Creative, yet creepy.


  • Hiking. Although we sweated buckets each time we went, David and I thoroughly enjoyed the handful of hikes we went on. Thank you to those (Lindy, Jerod, and Nicole) who tagged along with us a couple of times! Hopefully you enjoyed the time outdoors, too!
  • Buying my backpack. It’s like it solidified the fact that David and I are trying to become true backpackers. It was the essential piece we needed.
  • Schlitterbahn. Going to Schlitterbahn made it sting less that I didn’t get to the pool this year. The first time David and I went a couple of years ago it was only in Phase 1 and didn’t have a whole lot to offer. This time was SO much better.
    SchlitterbahnDavid and I went with a group of friends and had a blast riding the new rides, including the rapid-filled lazy river. Does that make sense? Ha. It was a lazy river in that you didn’t actively have to move anywhere the water would take you along the correct path, but it had some fun rapids and dips in there. I also managed to get stuck numerous times on this ride. Everyone got a kick out of it! I was crying because I was laughing so hard. Leave it to me to be the one to get pulled backward when everyone else is moving forward.
  • The float trip. It was the perfect combination of friends, drinking, and laughing.
  • Outdoor concerts. Mary and I saw John Mayer at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre (which is 30ish minutes from my house). He was pretty good. I only knew the hit songs, but it was fun tagging along with Mary because she is a big fan. When John Mayer played her favorite song “Neon,” she was ecstatic. It was the cutest thing ever.
    David and I also saw Billy Currington when he came for one of the free country night concerts in the Kansas City Live area in the Power and Light District. I loooooved it, even though it was packed.
    BillyCurringtonHe played everything you could have wanted, including “Good Directions,” “People are Crazy,” “Must Be Doin’ Something Right,” and his hit “Hey Girl.” He let his lab run around the stage during his “Like My Dog” song…basically melting my heart.
  • Wine Walk on Delaware. Pretty sure this is one of the best kept secrets in Kansas City. Joey and Nicole introduced David and I to the wonderful event that is held the third Saturday of each month — April through October in the River Market area. Here’s how it works: you buy a wristband for $15 and receive a map, then you travel to each place on the map to receive a sample of wine and to see what the stores have to offer or if a business is selling art. Simple as that! Each month they showcase a different country’s wines. When we went, they offered American wines to us, but another month could be Italy or Spain.
  • Our first Sporting KC game. David and I both love soccer (and have played it in the past), so it’s amazing we hadn’t made it to Sporting KC’s new stadium to check them out. I’ve seen them when they were still called the Wizards and played at Arrowhead Stadium and when they moved to play on a baseball field. (Using a portion of a baseball field for a soccer field just does not work.) Now the team has become more established: new name and new stadium. It took Joey and Nicole to invite us to get us out there. We had such a good time. David and I both left going where has this experience been in our lives?! David loved it so much he’s suggesting buying season tickets for next year.
  • Getting new appliances. The new dishwasher and new stove have made everyday life so much easier.
  • Irish Fest. David and I met up with Lindy and Jerod and another couple to attend Irish Fest this past Labor Day weekend.
    I didn’t know what to expect. I ended up having more fun than I thought I would! There were food trucks with Irish food, booths that had all sorts of Irish-themed items, and Irish (sometimes Scottish) concerts going on. We all sat and listened to a group called We Banjo 3 for an hour and a half. I liked their music so much that we bought the CD. The band even signed the disc. Pretty sweet, I know. I thought it would be the perfect type of music to play as we’re driving around Virginia and Tennessee in a couple of weeks.

Whew. Looking back, it was quite a packed summer! I hate to see summer go, but fall holds so many good things, too. Starbucks salted caramel mochas anyone? :)

Question for you
What did you enjoy most about this summer?