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Hi, all! I’m baaack! I know you all missed me! ;)

I had thought about writing up some posts before we left on vacation so they’d post while I was away, but well, life turned into a hurried blur before we left and other tasks took precedence over prepping for you guys.

Instead of jumping right into a vacation summary, I’m going to give you an overall view of our trip in numbers… because I thought it would be fun (and I’ll be honest… I’m a tad exhausted at the moment).

Number of:

  • Miles traveled by car: 3,100+
  • States we drove through: 10 (Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina)
  • States we stayed in (camping or hotel): 4 (Illinois, Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina)
  • Hotels/B&Bs we stayed in: 6
  • Nights we slept in a hotel: 8
  • Nights we slept outside: 3
  • Miles our backpacking group hiked in Shenandoah National Park: 26
  • Black bears our backpacking group saw: 9 (in 24 hours)
  • Black bears I saw: 2
  • Miles David and I hiked in Great Smoky Mountains National Park: 8
  • National parks David and I hiked in: 2
  • Pictures taken: 200+

As you can see, we (like usual) packed a ton into our vacation. We had such a good time and can’t wait to get out and visit some more national parks. We’re already discussing where we’d like to go next. :) There are a number of stories behind those numbers that I’m going to share with you in several posts to make it a tad easier for you all to read and for me to write. The backpacking portion of the trip (Shenandoah National Park) will be up first. I’m sure you’re curious how the bear sightings happened! Then, it’ll be Damascus, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina; and Knoxville, Tennessee (Great Smoky Mountains National Park).

Stay tuned. I’ll leave you with a view from one of our campsites in Shenandoah National Park.

Our last morning in Shenandoah National aPark

Our last morning in Shenandoah National Park