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Because I’ve been posting nonstop about vacation for the last four posts I’ve written, I thought this would be a good opportunity to tell you what’s currently going on in my life. Think of it as a slight intermission between the recap posts.

  • I am in LOVE with Justin Timberlake’s latest CD — The 20/20 Experience, Part 2 of 2. My friend Mary immediately alerted me the day that it came out. Why I didn’t have the date circled in red with exclamation points and stars is beyond me! She even said it may be better than Part 1. Whoa. That would be some stellar music right there. So, I booked it to Target (hello bonus tracks!) as soon as I could after work to buy my copy. Sure enough, it’s uh-mazing. And at the moment, I do think it’s better than Part 1. The man is a genius. Take a listen to my favorites: “True Blood” and “Amensia.”
  • I’m currently obsessed with Candy Crush, but aren’t most of us?! I love playing Bejeweled, so the fact that the Candy Crush creators basically combined that with Candy Land is both perfect and addicting. I’m on Level 62. Do you play? What level are you on?
  • Although we hadn’t ran at all for the past 3 weeks, David and I still joined friends to run through the Kansas City Zoo this past Saturday. About half of us didn’t care about our time on the 4-mile race, which was good because there were hundreds of people out there and we encountered some bottlenecking situations. The great company, free admittance to the zoo, and the free hot breakfast definitely made up for the fact we had to get up early and run in the chilly weather.
Julie, Me, David, Jerod, and Lindy.

Julie, Me, David, Jerod, and Lindy.

  • David is now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro! Ah. I’m so happy for him, and a little jealous. His HP laptop bit the dust earlier this year and I made him wait until after vacation to make the big purchase (you know, so we could double-check the finances). We are now a total Apple household. We voted against him getting a Windows 8-powered laptop because the layout was so chaotic and I haven’t heard good things about it. He’s no longer on the dark side. ;)
  • The REI store in Overland Park had its grand opening this past weekend. Woo hoo! David and I now have an REI store in our own city. This visit marks the fourth time we’ve been to an REI store in 6 months. The store was set up like most of the other ones, but we still enjoyed wandering up and down each aisle. While we were meandering around, we saw a couple shopping for sleeping pads and the guy had the one David brought on the trip in his hand. We casually walked by and made sure to tell the guy that David liked his purchase and it worked well on a recent backpacking trip. Pretty sure the couple felt awkward, but whatever. We enjoyed ourselves. REI should pay us for our advice and reviews. Wouldn’t that be fun?! By the way, I bought the Run Happy shirt as seen above while we were at the store. We’re not REI snobs at all…
  • We finally got the gutters installed on our house. As you may recall, we had a guy come out a month or two ago to inspect our roof. (It was free. Why not?) He said there was enough hail damage that he knew the insurance company would cover a new roof and new gutters. Sure enough, State Farm agreed to it. We had the roof done within a matter of weeks, but the gutters proved to be trickier. Before all this went down, we told the guy that we would be on vacation during the last 2 weeks of September. He shrugged it off and said it would be all done by then. Yeah, that didn’t happen. After numerous phone calls, they put the new white gutters on the house yesterday. David says he approves of it, so it’s all fine by me.
  • Yesterday turned into a big home improvement day for us. Not only did the gutters get on the house, but we had an AB May guy come out and unclog our main drain (that big one that is typically next to the washing machine). I found out the drain was clogged on Sunday. I ran the washing machine and came down the stairs a couple of minutes before it was supposed to be done to find a half inch to an inch of water surrounding the washing machine. Not good at all. Thank goodness for home warranty insurance. We only have to pay $60 for every time they come out to inspect/fix a problem. (This marks the third or fourth time they’ve been to our house.) The invoice said we saved $286 on this one visit. Seeing how much we save will never get old.
  • Season 8 of Bones is now streaming on Netflix! David and I don’t NEED anymore TV shows to watch, but we will always make time to watch this one. Seeing Brennan, Booth, Angela, and Sweets all working together again made me so happy — it was like the family was back together again!

What have you been up to lately? I’d love to hear what’s going on with you!