I thought it would be fun to start writing down some quotes. As much as I love motivational quotes, these ones will be from my everyday life. They’ll be funny, sweet, awkward, or notable in some way. Even if you don’t get a kick out of them, it’ll give you a peek into my life, and that’s what this whole blogging thing is about, right?! ;)

  • David and I were talking about Luke Bryan’s song “Crash My Party” that was playing on the radio.

Me: I think it’s crazy that a guy would drop whatever he is doing to be with a girl. I mean, if you were at a concert and saw that I was calling, would you leave?
David: I’d probably be at the concert with you, but yeah, I probably would.

Everyone say, “Aw.” :)

  • David and I always meet up and have dinner with my parents for Taco Tuesday. On this particular night, we had carpooled and were driving back to our house.

Me: I started reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series.
Mom: I thought it was only one book.
Dad: No, there’s three books.

Ha ha! I pretty much died of laughter.

  • Sometimes I can make conversations incredibly awkward. Unfortunately, it seems to be a talent of mine. The setting for this particular conversation was at a Happy Hour with my boss and fellow coworkers. We were talking about visiting wineries in the area and the little town of Hermann, Missouri was mentioned. It went something like this:

Me: I’ve been to Hermann.
My boss: Oh yeah?
Me: Twice actually.
My boss: Why did you go there?
Me: Once to meet David’s grandmother and then another time for her funeral.
*Complete silence from everyone at the table*

There was really no way to save the conversation. It was pretty awful. It makes me squirm just thinking about it.

  • David has a tendency to think inanimate objects possess the ability to eat.

Situation: He’s playing Candy Crush.
David: Ugh. Why does the chocolate keep eating my candy?!

Situation: He’s talking about his clothes.
David: My shoes must have been hungry today. They ate my socks.

  • I was complaining to David about people’s Facebook status messages.

Me: Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and people writing status messages about how people can’t drive in the rain/snow.

So these quotes may not be stellar, but hey it’s a start! I hope to continue with these quote posts and share them every now and again.

Questions for you
Have you gotten into a funny or witty conversation with someone? Do you create awkward situations, too? I’d love to hear a notable quote from you!