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It was a fun-packed weekend here in the Tallmadge household. I’m linking up with Sami’s Shenanigans again to recap it all.


David and I went to our third and final Halloween party of the season. I had a good time, but I sure am glad to be done with Halloween. I’m Halloween-ed out, my friends. I went as a pirate again and David went as a mad hatter again. Real original, I know. We like to get our money out of those costumes. I brought BBQ meatballs to the party because they were easy peasy to heat up in the crock pot after work. They were a hit, too, because I didn’t bring any back home with me.


I didn’t get to sleep in. However, David and I went hiking, which made the lack of extra sleep all worth it. We had been missing it since we got back from vacation. Julie read on here that I had been in a funk and suggested we go on a de-funkifying hike. It sounded like the perfect solution! So, David and I met up with Julie, Lindy, and Jerod to hike and enjoy the colorful leaves at Weston Bend State Park in Weston, Missouri. I don’t know if I’ve ever soaked up the sight of fall leaves as much as I did this weekend. They were beautiful. See for yourself.

Weston4 Weston3

David and Jerod, Lindy's husband. The only real people picture I got.

David and Jerod, Lindy’s husband. The only real people picture I got.

Lindy, Julie, and I were all busy taking pictures that I didn’t sneak in one of the three of us.

Weston6 Weston7

Weston5 Weston9

Weston1 Weston2

Can you tell I loved the yellow leaves best? The last two pictures are my favorite because the leaves surrounded us.

After hiking 5 miles, we drove into Weston’s cute little downtown area to grab lunch. Every place was packed, so we decided to wait for a table at the restaurant that was next to the Weston Brewing Company. I ended up having the cajun grilled chicken sandwich and it was delicious (much better than the chicken sandwich I had in Tennessee).

We went our separate ways after lunch and David and I headed home. We didn’t stay home long, though. I read for an hour or so, hopped in the shower, and then we were off again — this time to have dinner with David’s parents to celebrate his mother’s birthday. The plan was to meet at Texas Roadhouse, but we ended up at Old Chicago, which is completely fine with me. I had the Oh My Spaghetti Pie. Delicious. I was so happy I had the opportunity to have pasta. (It’s basically a luxury because I can’t cook it for dinner because David is on the Paleo diet.)

The rest of our Saturday night was super chill. I finished the second book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I’m tearing through them. One more left…


I had brunch with three of my best friends: Mimi, Diana, and Amanda. We went to an adorable little area of Leawood called Park Place and ate at a restaurant called Ingredient.

Love the play off of the Monopoly cards. Simply perfect.

Love the play off of the Monopoly cards. Simply perfect.

I had the best breakfast burrito I think I’ve ever had. The tortilla was filled with scrambled eggs, spicy black beans, green chilies, red onion, cilantro, pico de gallo, and melted pepper jack cheese. Yum!


They really did give me more than four pieces of potato, but I momentarily forgot to take a picture and chowed down for a bit.

I was really hoping to have a latte served in a big cup on top of a saucer, but I had to settle on black coffee with cream. Oh well, I’ll take caffeine no matter how I can get it.

We continued to talk for two and a half hours. It was so refreshing to see them and catch up on their lives.

Sunday afternoon I tried something I’ve never done before: headshots. My friend Brandi asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could take a headshot of her for her Premier Designs business card. It sounded like a good opportunity to help a friend and to work on my photography skills, so I agreed.

Even though we knew each other, I was nervous for how it was all going to go. After the first couple of shots, I started to ease up a bit. I slowly became confident enough to make slight adjustments to her poses, try and put her hair back in place (it was quite windy!), and ask her what she liked and didn’t like about the photos we had taken so I could apply that knowledge for the next ones.

After it was all said and done, they turned out so well! We were both happy with the results.


I have some more photos from her session to edit, but I couldn’t help it, I had to post one! Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes?!

While I was away hopping around town, David picked up our new dining room table we ordered from Pier 1, put it all together, and took the other one back to his parents’ house. (Yeah, I think I’ll keep him.)  I had been searching for a dining room table for at least a year and a half. I’m quite picky, so when I found one I liked, I bought it!


I describe it as a formal picnic table. Now we just need to get chairs. Good thing we don’t use our dining room table much. We’re picturing a bench on one side, two chairs on the other side, and a chair with a patterned cushion on each end.

Catch you guys later. Have a good week!