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I made this weekend fabulous. I did not get sad once. Therefore, I win. Linking up with Sami once again to recap it all.


The workday went smoothly. It helped that David and I grabbed coffee at The Roasterie after lunch — a perfect way to set the tone for the weekend. I’m up for grabbing coffee every Friday afternoon. Just sayin’.

photo 1

Mint + Chocolate = Brookside Bob

After work, David and I headed to Chipotle to grab a quick dinner before heading over to a friend’s house. Well, we instead decided to try a new pizza place called Pie Five that was next to Chipotle. I’m so glad David was up to cheating on his Paleo diet. (He’ll be doing a lot of that between now and New Year’s he tells me.) I loved the concept of this particular pizza place. You choose your own personal pizza — custom or speciality — and they bake it in 5 minutes or less. And to top it off (I can’t help it with the puns, I just loooove them), it’s very reasonably-priced. My custom personal pizza was $6.79.

photo 2

I topped my pan crust with spicy marinara, pepperoni, red onion, and minced garlic. It was delicious! We’ll definitely be going back.

After dinner, we headed to a friend’s house to watch Taken 2. I wasn’t that impressed with the movie. I liked the first one better.


I actually set my alarm to wake up early. Who am I?! It was for a good reason, though. I went to the 9:30 a.m. BodyCombat class at the gym. This was the second time I’ve been to the class. The second time was just like the first time — it was so intense that I had sweat dripping off my nose by about the third song. The class is challenging, but I love it. The instructor exudes positivity and energy and you can’t help but enjoy it even when you’re doing 128 jabs in a row. (That’s really the number — she announced it.)

After I got home and rinsed off said sweat, David and I headed to the mall. The plan was to go to only two stores. He was going to Eddie Bauer to check out a sale and I needed to go Bare Minerals to get more foundation. As you can tell, we went to more than two stores. Does this happen to everyone? Or are we super good at getting distracted?

All of the goodies I got at Bare Minerals made me so happy. I ended up getting the limited edition size of my foundation. It’s twice the size of the normal one and it comes with a pretty lid. They seem to only offer this size around the holidays — I was excited I came in at the right time. I also walked away with a Jack of All Trades lip balm in Sure Thing, a product I’ve been wanting to try since like August. It’s basically a lip balm with color for those of us who are scared of lipstick/don’t wear color on our lips often. So far I like it. The color is very subtle, though, so if you want more color pop, this may not be a good product for you. I also got a free gift — a full-size eye shadow! Win for me!

Next, we went to Barnes and Noble, Aerie, and American Eagle. I have great luck finding jeans at American Eagle. This time was no different. I walked out with two new pairs — a skinny pair and a bootcut pair. I was on a roll with this whole shopping thing!

We continued our shopping and headed to the grocery store to buy ingredients for the green bean casserole we were bringing to Friendsgiving that night and then we swung by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine for the occasion as well.

photo 3

All of my shopping loot.

Friendsgiving was fun. The hostess went all out and actually made a turkey! I was quite impressed. The turnout was great. More than 15 people came out to celebrate and eat. Note to self: make more green bean casserole next time.


I slept in as much as I could — until about 10. Shortly after I woke up, I quickly found out that my entire body ached from the BodyCombat class the day before. The backs of my arms. My back. My legs. You name it; it hurt — but not enough from keeping me from going back this week. :)

To combat my Sunday blues this week, I took your advice. I only had a pop at lunch (and water and hot tea the rest of the day) and focused on one task. It helped! I should probably give myself a little project each weekend.

David and I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom this Sunday. I washed the towels. I scrubbed the sink and the toilet. Together we scoured the tiles and the tub. We bought new shower liners. The shower head got a bath in CLR. Now the trick will be to maintain the cleanliness and not have to do an overhaul like that for awhile.

To reward ourselves for cleaning, we rented We’re the Millers. It was so good and so funny! Go rent it now! I had a hard time breathing at times because I was laughing so hard. I have some fun facts for you about Jason Sudeikis, one of the stars in the flick, that you may not know.

  • He’s from Kansas — Overland Park, in fact. OP is where I lived elementary school through high school. I live in Shawnee now, only about 10 minutes away. They’re both suburbs of Kansas City.
  • He went to my high school, Shawnee Mission West. Yeaaahhh! Viking pride! (Paul Rudd also went to my high school. I could of met him, but didn’t. I am still kicking myself.)
  • He wears two shirts from Kansas City barbecue joints: one from Oklahoma Joe’s and one from Arthur Bryant’s in the movie.
  • I met Mr. Sudeikis at the annual plaza lighting ceremony here in Kansas City on Thanksgiving Day in 2009. To be honest, at the time I really didn’t have much exposure to his work since I don’t watch SNL. It was still cool to meet him and I appreciate his acting more now that I’ve seen him in person.
Proof I met Jason Sudeikis.

Proof I met Jason Sudeikis.

I’m so excited for a 3-day workweek because that means 4 days off! Hip hip hooray for the holiday season!

Questions for you

  • How was your weekend?
  • What are you looking forward to most this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend?