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Well, hey there! I’d thought I’d pop back in and give you a quick update on what I’ve been doing in my absence. These past few weeks have been one fun event after the other. First up was the girls weekend I was telling you about in my previous post.

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, we traveled down to Branson, Mo., and went on a wine tour, shopped ’til we dropped, watched movies, played games, painted nails, and talked into the wee hours of the night. I had such a great time with these fabulous ladies. Girl time is ALWAYS good for the soul. I took some snapshots to document the weekend. If you’re looking for more photos, check out my friend Lindy’s post about it. She’s the photographer in the group. :)

To get to our huge 6-bedroom lodge, we had to drive down a ginormous hill that was basically a cliff. Thank goodness it wasn’t snowing or icy. I don’t think we would have made it. The anxiety of getting down the hill was totally worth it — the place was fantastic.

(That is NOT the humongous hill, FYI)

(That is NOT the humongous hill, FYI)

Lindy and I shared a room. It was very masculine. There were deer antlers everywhere.

Lindy and I shared a room. It was very masculine.

My friends Lindy and Julie are the sweetest and they planned a birthday surprise for me — brownies and ice cream. Yum!

photo 3

Lots of wine was enjoyed over the weekend.

Lots of wine was enjoyed. However, we did not finish that whole jug.

photo 5

So…funny thing happened while we were doing our nails. (So humorous in fact that it became the running joke for the next couple of hours.) When I do my nails, I pour a bit of nail polish remover into the cap of the bottle, so I can use a Q-tip and easily dunk it in and use it to help me clean up my polish as I go. I am not neat/coordinated enough to do my nails well without this little trick. Well. One of the girls didn’t see me do this and grabbed the cap and put it back on, spilling the little bit of nail polish remover on the blanket. We all laughed and once we started playing the Game of Things later it came up again and again. I forgot the best one, but the one I do remember is things that you wish you could do with your feet (close the nail polish remover bottle), etc. Is it strange that I do this? How do you all clean up polish that doesn’t make it on your nail?

On the way home, we stopped and had Lambert’s. I had heard rave reviews about it, but I’d never been. There’s only three locations in fairly small Missouri towns, so I was excited to try it. They call it the “Home of the Throwed Rolls.” Yep. As you eat your country cookin’, they’ll toss you a roll whenever you want another one. As you can see, the servings were huge. They served my country fried steak on a 12-inch skillet!

Chicken-fried steak.

Country fried steak.

My birthday week followed the girls weekend trip. Yeah, birthday week. I ended up celebrating my birthday for a full week this year. ‘Course who am I kidding it usually happens that way. :)

It all started with my awesome coworkers decorating my desk.

My cube.

My cube.

Then, on my actual birthday (Jan 22nd), the hubs surprised me with flowers! This is the second time in 7 years he’s gotten me flowers. (I may have guilted him into getting me some.)  My desk smelled wonderful the entire week. Good job, hun! (Let’s see if positive reinforcement works.)

photo 9

Throughout the week, I got to eat at all my favorite restaurants.

Nancy's Favorite pizza from Chiusano's Brick Oven Pizzeria at the Legends.

Nancy’s Favorite pizza from Chiusano’s Brick Oven Pizzeria at the Legends.

photo 15

Stuffed chicken breast from Houlihan’s.

David got me this cute little guy. He holds a bottle opener and a towel, PLUS wine corks in his belly. Such a dapper fellow owl.

photo 10

Friday night I went out with friends to Hotel, a nightclub in the Power & Light District. My friend Mary is fabulous and got me bottle service for my birthday. :) Have I mentioned I’m spoiled? I had a ridiculously good time. Thanks, Mary!!

photo 12

Jess and I. The top is from the Ann Taylor Loft outlet store ($13, I believe)!

photo 13

Christina, Brandy, Mary, and I.

photo 14

Mary, me, and Stephen.

The final birthday celebration was Saturday night. More than 20 of my friends joined me at Blue Moose for dinner. Then, about 6 people came back to our place to watch We’re the Millers with us.

I feel so incredibly loved. I couldn’t of asked for anything more for my birthday. I’m so thankful for the wonderful friends I have.

I have more fun things coming up (co-hosting a baby shower for a friend and attending a Justin Timberlake concert!), so I may be a bit sporadic with posting again. But you better believe I’ll be reading and commenting on your guys’ posts when I can fit it in. <3