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Welcome to Friday, everyone!

I’m joining the link-up again with Carolina Charm for the Five on Friday! Let’s hop to it since I know you want to get on with your day and on to the weekend!

1. Over the past week, I’ve had ample time to surf the net during work hours. (It’s been reallllly slow.) I’ve been good and kept it just to design-related stuff like branding, packaging, and page layout. Because remember, I’m still super new and I don’t want to test the waters too much. Anyways, in my searching, I’ve discovered what my dream job is: creating a brand for a restaurant! I’m talking the logo, the overall image, the menu, and the packaging. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! I mean, just look at all this cool stuff!

I applied for a menu designer position in my job search. Plus, David and I have always toyed around with the idea of starting our own little bakery; I’d create everything and he’d run it. So this dream job isn’t so far-fetched after all.

2. Even though it was slow at work this week, I was still busy with design-related stuff after hours. I picked up the Scrabble Save the Dates and delivered them. Then I picked up and helped address the baby shower invitations yesterday. (They were for my good friend, Nicole; I don’t typically help address envelopes for clients. Ha!)

*Names have been changed.

The PDF of the baby shower invite won’t show up with a picture, so here’s a screen capture of it. Names and locations have been changed if you couldn’t tell. (FYI: The little gray box is an *.)

3. David and I haven’t done our taxes yet. This should really come as no surprise to those of you that know us in real life. It takes several months and numerous reminders for us to even deposit a check. I’m just gonna hashtag this whole paragraph: #ProcrastinatorsToTheCore. Obviously, this task is on the agenda for this weekend.

4. 5K/10K/running season is upon us! I need to get my butt in gear. I haven’t ran in months and I have a 5K (that I still need to sign up for) in May. So on top of two BodyCombat classes a week (which let’s be honest, that alone wears me out), I need to add in some running workouts. Super. At least I’ll enjoy it in the end and look good and feel fit. Yeah, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

5. I failed to mention in my whirlwind post how amazing my going-away party was. The team I was on and those we worked closely with joined me at Mestizo, a fancy Mexican restaurant. My boss ordered several rounds of appetizers and we drank sangrias and margaritas. I felt so incredibly loved. Everyone came out to see me and they even showered me with gifts and cards. I told you they were awesome. It made it harder to leave them.


I am a sucker for puns. My colleague, Spring, gave me this “You rock” rock…I mean, paperweight. Isn’t it adorable?


That concludes the Five on Friday. Now get out there and have a fantastic weekend!