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Oh hey there. You didn’t realize I was going to Florida? I mean, I’ve only known David and I were going since before Christmas… And the worst blogger award goes to me. Hands down. I even had to do a search to see if I ever mentioned “disney world” in any previous posts. Obviously, I didn’t. Whomp whomp.

Anyways…let me catch you up to speed since I was so rude.

David and I spent the last week in sunny Florida on a Walt Disney World (somehow I can’t just say write Disney World without the Walt) vacation with his parents, his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. His parents were very kind and rented out a condo for all of us to stay in that was close to the parks. I’m talking less than a 20-minute drive. It was sa-weet. It had four bedrooms and its own pool and hot tub. Spoiled is such an understatement for how we felt.

Outside of the condo // Living room // Kitchen // Our bedroom (sorry the bed wasn't made...) // Pool and hot tub

Outside of the condo // Living room // Kitchen // Our bedroom (sorry the bed wasn’t made when I took the picture…) // Pool and hot tub

David and I were on our own most of the time, but we met up with the rest of the family every now and again at the parks to catch up and see how their day was going. Everyone visited all four of the Disney parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) and David and I checked out a Disney water park for a short bit, too (Blizzard Beach). The entire week was fun, but I’m both Disneyed- and theme-parked out.

Magic Kingdom // Animal Kingdom // Hollywood Studios // Epcot // Magic Kingdom (another day)

Magic Kingdom // Animal Kingdom // Hollywood Studios // Epcot // Magic Kingdom (another day)

While we had a pleasant time, David and I quickly found out we aren’t Florida people or tropical-weather lovers for that matter. If someone were to ask us where we’d like to go on our ideal vacation, on a beach with a fruity drink (like people commonly dream about) would not be high on that list. We would say someplace with lots of green and trees. Think mountains. ;)

The trip was to focus on family and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect. My sister- and brother-in-law and nephew live in Madison, Wisconsin — so we’re lucky if we see them once a year. I adored being Aunt Mandy full-time for a week! Max is a cutie patootie 6 year old. We played catch with his stuffed bear in the mornings before we headed out to the parks and got into a tickle fight. He was just about 3 when he was the ring bearer in David and I’s wedding. How can he be 6 already?!

Isn't he fun?!

Isn’t he fun?!

The trip totally centered around Disney (I’m sure you caught that), so I couldn’t tell ya anything about the Orlando area or the beaches. I really wanted to go to the beach, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was going to be a little chilly to lay out and there was a chance of rain. Boo.

I do have a pretty sweet story of when I went to Florida when I was 8 or 9. I’ll save that one for another time, though. I have to dig for some pictures of that one.

Before we left on this trip, David was already bringing up where we should go backpacking next. I told him we had to wait until we went and enjoyed this vacation first. I bet you can imagine what we started talking about already!

Have you been to Walt Disney World? Did you like it? Tell me about it!