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The only thing you can really count on when it comes to this here blog is that I post infrequently and I usually post recaps on what I did on holiday weekends.

Ta-da! The latter is what you’re getting today. :)

Our three-day Memorial Day weekend was packed with lots to do (no surprise there, huh?), so let’s get to it.

Friday night David and I joined five friends and went to Kanza Hall, a country bar located in the suburbs. We rarely go out to a country bar because about half of our friends aren’t big fans of country music. As we were two-steppin’ and following along with the crowd for the line dances, I couldn’t stop daydreaming about David and I’s college days when we would go out to Twisters, a country bar just a little bit outside of Pittsburg, Kan., and dance or when we were at bonfires and these songs came on the radio! It was fun to get some country back into our lives.

Saturday was all about celebrating Mimi, one of my best friends who just graduated from dental school. She’s considered a DOCTOR now, which is both crazy and amazing. She always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up and went for it. She insisted on no gifts at the graduation party, but I found something she just had to have.

photo 1

Isn’t it perfect for a dentist?! I found it on Etsy, printed the file at Office Depot, and placed it in a bright pink frame for her. You can never go wrong with pink for this girl. :)

Mimi and I have known each other since we were 5. Not only is she important to me, but her whole family is. They are my second family. So, her combined graduation party with her brother (he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting) was like a family reunion for me. It also became apparent real quick that I am getting older because kids I remember that lived up the street have graduated college now. Holy moly. And one of those kids went to my alma mater: Pitt State. He even graduated with my same major, but just a different emphasis. What a small, but fun, world. I smiled from the time we arrived at the party to the time we left. It was truly wonderful to see how we’ve grown in our lives — professionally and personally — and how we’ve all remained close. There were 4 of us at the party that have known each other since we were 5 years old. Not many people can say that. I’m forever thankful for the friendship we continue to share. As you can imagine, there was lots of reminiscing going on and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Before we hop to Sunday, I must show you these cute pictures I took of Dexter as we were waiting for a friend to pick us up for the graduation party.

photo 2

photo 3

As you can tell, it’s hard being a dog in this household. Getting petted and loved. Such a hard life.

Anyways, back to Sunday. We decided since we had Monday off it would be fun to have people over on a Sunday night to drink and chat. I made BBQ meatballs (which I seem to do for most all my get togethers), bacon chive cheese dip (which was divine!), and salted pretzel caramel brownies (thanks, Pinterest!).

photo 4

^ Yikes, that’s not the best picture, huh? It wasn’t as soupy as it looks. Promise. But that’s what a jar of caramel sauce over the brownies looks like. They turned out pretty darn delicious. To add to the decadence of it, I also offered vanilla bean ice cream with it. I think I’m shaping up to be a good hostess if I do say so myself. I also think it’s safe to say the eight people who came over had a good time. (Among obviously seeing friends, I know I had a good time because I found out Hawaiian punch mixed with vodka is soooo good. Try it. You’re welcome.)

Monday was the more relaxing of the three days, which was entirely welcomed with open arms. I slept in until 11, while David went to watch the newest X-Men installment with his dad. After that, David and I tried a new-to-us brunch place called The Egg & I. Biscuits and gravy was mentioned several times this weekend, so I had to order that. Plus, biscuits and gravy is my favorite breakfast meal and I usually order those when I go to a new place, so I can rate them based on other restaurants’ versions. I would rate these a C at best. The gravy was too gloppy and it didn’t have enough pepper or sausage in it.

photo 5

Once we got done there, David and I headed to REI to check out their anniversary sale real quick. We walked out with a footprint for the tent we got for Christmas and a neon yellow workout tank for me. Afterwards, we joined our friend Amanda to see Divergent.


David and I haven’t read the book like Amanda had, but we were still interested to see what it was all about. I really enjoyed the movie! I was entertained the entire time. The girl, Tris, is gorgeous; I’d love to have her hair. And Four? He can train and save me any day. Mm Hmm

And that wraps up long the weekend. How was yours? What did you do?