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These past few weeks since I last posted have been jam-packed. But I’m sure you already guessed that. (And would you really expect anything less?!) I hesitate to say I’ve been busy. It’s true, but nowadays the word “busy” typically gets an eye roll with the person’s reaction. With that being said, let’s just say I’ve been really caught up with life and here’s a bulleted list of what exactly I’ve been doing.

// I had to get a new hard drive installed in my computer. I had been seeing and hearing warning signs for awhile, but like a stupid person, I kept using it because, well, it was still chugging along, slowly, but still kicking. Then one day (as I was writing a Five on Friday post), I had to force close it down because nothing was responding. And then… I couldn’t turn it back on. I’d either get a blank white screen (I’m sure similar to the blue screen of death on a PC) or the Apple screen with the progress bar continually going. This is when I started to panic. I quickly booked an appointment at the Genius Bar. They ran a diagnostics test on my computer. Everything was green until a big red mark appeared over my hard drive. Great. That’s when I REALLY started to panic because you see I hadn’t backed up anything since I’ve had the computer and it’s been 4 YEARS. Did I mention I’m incredibly stupid and lazy?! I had an external hard drive; I just hadn’t plugged it in and set it up. This all ends well though believe it or not! After 3 visits to the Apple store, I was able to pull everything onto my external hard drive from my original hard drive before it completely failed — my designs, my current resume, my pictures — everything saved. You have no idea how much I wanted to hug those Apple employees. Please learn from my mistakes and be sure to back up your data on a regular basis, shut down your computer at least twice a week, and go get it looked at the instant you think something is wrong.

// On the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend, David and our friend Jerod volunteered to help at the first-ever Boulevardia. Boulevardia is a beer fest essentially, but the event also had live bands, a ferris wheel, and great people-watching. The event is put on by Boulevard, which is a fantastic brewery based here in Kansas City (I recommend the unfiltered wheat if you ever get a chance!). Lindy and I joined our husbands after their shift was done to see what this event was all about. It was held in the West Bottoms, a district typically reserved for antiques and haunted houses. I love that they are trying to revive the area. Because if you go to this area other than these two reasons, it’s a bit sketch. It was way too crowded, but we had a good time walking around for a short bit. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lindy’s almost-4-month-old. She is a doll.

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// After we left Boulevardia, we joined Lindy and Jerod for Taste of Liberty located in the downtown square of Liberty. Restaurants in the downtown area set up a booth and we walked around and sampled food from each booth. I was surprised how quickly I got full. Apparently, lots of little samples adds up quick! We had enchiladas, pizza, jambalaya, corn chowder, coffee, cookies, and fried rice.

// There was no sleeping in for us on Father’s Day morning. David and I decided to have both sets of folks over for a cookout to celebrate the occasion. We planned out the menu, went grocery shopping, and got the house ready for everyone’s arrival within 3 hours. We did have several bedrooms full of stuff (so therefore we kept the doors closed!), but still the living room was picked up and the bathroom was clean! Yep, I just had to boast about that. *pats self on back* We had a lovely time with the folks. I am so thankful both sets of parents get along and they even LIKE hanging out with each other. Is there anything better? I don’t think so.

// David and I are hooked on Parenthood. It’s our latest Netflix obsession. I first heard how great it was from the blog world and that I should check it out if I liked Friday Night Lights, which we all know I loved.


I squeal every time a FNL character comes on. Lyla Garrity, Vince Howard, and Vince Howard’s mom are the ones I’ve seen so far. Oh and Benjamin Linus from Lost (yet another show I loved!); he’s on there, too! The show is just so so good. Basically it boils down to: Being a parent is hard, but oh so rewarding. We’re on Season 2 and we can’t wait to come home each night and watch an episode or two.

I have a lot more to share with you, but this is already getting pretty lengthy, so I better smack a Part 1 in the title and write some more for another post. Until then, have a great week!