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Welcome to the next installment of what Mandy and David have been up to! We should be able to recap the rest of June. Is it sad or smart that I have my June calendar by my side to make sure I don’t forget anything?

Anyways, let’s jump back into it. We’re starting the week after Father’s Day (for those of you keeping track). ;)

// Every now and again, I’ll have a friend reach out to me to see if I can look over her cover letter and resume to check for grammar and spelling and to just make general comments. My friend Amanda has been the latest one to ask me for help. I have fun dusting off my editing skills and putting them to good use. I also enjoy seeing what my friends have to offer in a professional setting. I only see them in their off time, so it’s neat to get a glimpse of how they are in the workplace. A handful of my friends, including Amanda, are in the health care industry, so it’s a whole different ballgame from what I’m used to. I’ve said this time and time again, but this seemed like a good opportunity to say it again: I am so very proud of my friends for all their accomplishments and getting out there and making it a point to be important in the real world.

// I without a doubt overbooked David and I the weekend after Father’s Day. There was only time to take a breather on Sunday night. First up was Relay for Life, an event David and I strive to participate in every year. It’s not a race, but an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society that raises money for cancer research. We join Lindy and Jerod’s team, Dukes of Hazzard, each year to walk around the track and help with our on-site s’mores fundraiser.

Team photo! (Thanks for emailing it, Lindy!)

Team photo! (Thanks for emailing it, Lindy!)

Although we didn’t stay the whole time this year, Relay for Life is a 12-hour event (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.). During the hours you’re there, you alternate with your teammates to make sure someone is walking on the track at all times. The exhaustion you feel from walking and being so tired mirrors how a cancer patient feels during treatment. We only stayed until 11:30 p.m. or so, because believe it or not, we planned to be somewhere else that night…

// After we left Relay for Life, David and I started the 3.5-hour drive to Lebanon, Mo. to join a group of 15 friends for a float trip. Does this sound insane yet? I think so. When we were making all these plans and I found out the float trip was the weekend of Relay for Life, I initially told David we couldn’t go. David really wanted to go on the float trip and responded with, “But what about this…” and continued to tell me his grand plan, which included this late night road trip.

After battling falling asleep in the car, we made it to our campsite around 3:30 a.m. Thank goodness our friends were kind enough to set up our tent! We put the rain fly on for privacy purposes and then slid into bed. A short 3/3.5 hours later, we woke up and joined everyone around the campfire for bacon and eggs and got on the river before 11 a.m. Is this still sounding insane? David and I fully understand we are crazy.


This is what happens when you get little sleep and drink a little too much before noon. David got in a little nap!

This is what happens when you get little sleep and drink a little too much before noon. David got in a little nap!


Holy moly. Look how white I am!


I will say you start to take immense pleasure in the littlest things when you’re running to and from places all the time. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the raft and drinking a bit (Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy for the win!), spending time with friends, and getting some sun (my knees are just now peeling from my sunburn!). But as you can imagine, I was ready to crash once we made it back to camp. I rinsed off, had dinner, and skipped the s’mores so I could hit the hay.

Once we made it home Sunday, all I wanted to do was park my butt on the couch and watch Parenthood and then somewhere in there get ice cream or cookies.

photo 6
















// On Wednesday, June 25th (I feel like I have to say the day of the week and the date because this is such a giant recap!), David and I had to say farewell to Joey and Nicole. :( They moved to Austin this past Saturday, but we got together one last time at McCoy’s in Westport for some food and drinks. McCoy’s was such a perfect choice because that’s where we always went for each of their birthdays or any group occasion.

The girls!

The girls!

The whole gang!

The whole gang! (Eeek! Sorry for the poor picture quality!)














I don’t know how to act at these types of things. I haven’t had to experience any of my friends moving away prior to this. The last time I remember attending a “going away” party was for my 5th grade crush, who was only moving to Olathe (15 minutes or so from where I lived at the time!). What are you supposed to talk about? Are you supposed to reminisce or ask about their plans in the new city? I settled on only asking a few questions and then just joining in whatever conversation was going on.

photo 2

I’ll sure miss these two, but I know they are looking for something more and I hope they find just what they are looking for in Austin. I asked my Texas friend, Lauren, for some good places to eat to help them get acquainted with their new city. Nicole and Joey, you guys better come back and visit, though!

// David and I thought we’d have one free night to ourselves last Thursday (June 26th), but our neighbor invited us over for dinner. How could I say no?! It turned out to be so nice. Since we aren’t having a block party this year, she thought it would be good to get some neighbors together for a meal. She made tacos and I brought chocolate (Hersheys AND Reese’s) and marshmallows for s’mores. It was fun to hang out and feel a part of the neighborhood. As you can tell, David and I go in and out of the house so much that we hardly get a chance to chat with the neighbors — so this was perfect. I spent a lot of time with an adorable 14-month-old named Mason. We walked around and he held my hand and we picked up balls in the yard and then dropped them back down.

// This past weekend (yay for something more current for you guys!) was not quite as hectic — woo hoo! Friday night all I wanted to do was sit in front of the TV, eat Chipotle, and watch Parenthood. We did exactly that and it was glorious. I even went to bed at a decent time! On Saturday, I got my haircut. Or well, trimmed really. For some reason, I’m going to try growing my hair out. Don’t ask how long or anything about what I’m going to do with it. I have no idea. As someone who has had mostly short hair her whole life, this may not last long.

photo 5













// After I got my hair cut, I swung by to see my friend Nicole and her now 1-month-old baby! I was going to tell you all about him in my Five on Friday post that I was writing before my computer crashed, but since that happened, I’ll have to tell you now! His name is Gage and Nicole is very smitten with him. He is an incredibly cute chunk (he was 8.5 lbs when he was born).

This is my favorite picture of him ever (at least so far!). Seriously, could he get any cuter?! That's the onesie I got him!

This is my favorite picture of him ever (at least so far!). Seriously, could he get any cuter?! That’s the onesie I got him!

Now, he didn’t weigh as much as some newborns, but Nicole has a smaller frame than me, so I find that an amazing feat. ‘Course if we’re getting down to it, I commend anyone who goes through labor. Period. My friends make the cutest kids. I either squeal or say aww every single time I see a picture of them.

// On Sunday, David and I picked up my parents and we headed to Union Station for Maker Faire. For the past 3 years, I’ve treated my dad (and mom) with tickets to Maker Faire for Father’s Day. Maker Faire is where all sorts of makers (you guessed that right?!) show off their creations — whether it’s crafts, 3-D printing machines, robots, tricked out motorized cars (similar to the ones that little kids sometimes have {like a pink Jeep}), or costumes. I got a kick out of the PhotoBus. It’s a photo booth in a VW bus.

photo 8


Because we’ve been attending this event for 3 years, we learn each year how to make the experience better the following year. Last year we had a terrible time getting food at the food trucks. The lines were super long and when you ordered you found out they had run out of certain items. So this year, we brought our own lunch. We made sure to park at the top of the parking garage to get some nice views and we had ourselves a little picnic!

photo 7

It worked out so well! The only things we are changing next year is that we’re going to hit up the outside stuff first to beat the heat of the day and to park as close as we can to the elevators on the top floor of the garage because there is space where we could bring chairs to sit and enjoy lunch.

Whew! You made it all the way through. You are most certainly caught up now. Congrats if you made it this far. And hopefully I can learn not to wait this long in between posting. Maybe. ;)