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Why hello there, long time no “talk.” Summertime always has so much going on. I’ve either been doing fun things or being lazy and relaxing — both of which are essential to a great summer. I figured I would recap July before we get too far into August. I know most of this will be old news to the folks that see my Facebook updates, but it’s always good to do a thorough recap, am I right?!

Let’s start by jumping all the way back to Fourth of July weekend…

// Lindy and Jerod invited David and I down to Jerod’s parents’ place in Cherryvale, a small town in Southeast Kansas, for some firework fun. I was in as long as I didn’t have to light any fireworks. I am not a pyromaniac by any means! Sure enough I didn’t have to do a thing, which was fabulous. I sat around and talked and ate with both their families, held their adorable little girl, Keira, and played with puppies. Yes, puppies and a baby all in one day. So much cuteness.

We nicknamed this furry pup Hawkeye.

We nicknamed this furry pup Hawkeye.


Me with Keira. Yep, another photo I stole from Lindy...

Me with Keira. Yep, another photo I stole from Lindy… (See some more photos from that day here.)

Because David and I live in a county where you’re not allowed to shoot off your own fireworks, we usually watch one of the big shows around town. So to see someone doing their own it’s different, but fun. We were quite close to the action — we looked almost straight up to see the bursts of color and we could hear the ting-ting-tings of the embers and ash hitting the metal roof of their garage. After the homemade show was done, we slept in our tent we had set up.

The next morning we were woken up by puppies! The neighbor’s puppies had run across the street again and were bouncing against our tent. I thought it was cute — David not so much. I think we can all agree there are worse things that could wake us up, though.

photo 3

// On the Sunday of Fourth of July weekend, I squeezed in a brunch date with my friend Taryn. Do you remember back a month or two ago when I went to a place called Coffee Girl’s Cafe? Well, we were intrigued by the place next door to it called Remedy (you better believe I was singing Jason Mraz when I typed that…) when we went, so we decided to go back and try it out. I ordered a mimosa and the biscuits and gravy (duh).

I was not impressed with the food. Why can’t I find terrific biscuits and gravy in this city?! These biscuits were pretty dense, just like the ones I had at BRGR a couple of weeks before. The gravy was just so-so, I added quite a bit of pepper to it. *Sigh* Do you have any recommendations for great biscuits and gravy in the area? I’d love to hear them!

// You all know how I love BodyCombat, right? Well, it’s becoming an obsession really. Perhaps even a bit out of control. Case in point: A friend invited David and I out for a birthday gathering at the time I usually do BodyCombat. My immediate thought was, “Nooooooo.” I’ve become very used to my routine and the thought of missing one class makes me feel guilty. So I asked if we could come a little later in the evening to the get together. Boom. Problem solved. Anyways, that’s not the point of this little section. Just understand I have a great love for it.

24-Hour Fitness had a really big launch for both BodyCombat and BodyPump on July 16th. I was so happy to be a part of it.

Instead of being in our group classroom, the sessions were moved into the basketball court. There were prizes (David and I both won!) and 80 people came out for the BodyCombat class! They put on this big launch in hopes of showing the interest that’s there and to add another class. No additional classes yet, but we sure showed all the 24-Hour Fitness employees how motivated we are. Bonus: I tried BodyPump, a weight-lifting class based on the “rep effect” — doing close to 800 reps per class, for the first time. It was quite a shock to this body of mine that usually only does cardio. I couldn’t walk normally for several days. After the soreness went away, I tried it again and I’ve done it for the past two Mondays in hopes it’ll help me prepare for the backpacking trip.

// An annual event that is quickly becoming an essential summer to-do for David and I is the Wine Walk on Delaware. Although it’s offered the third Saturday of each month between April and October, we tend to go during the summer months. Here’s a fairly quick run-down of it in case you missed my brief description last year: You first buy a wristband ($15) and then you go around to each place on the map they give you and sample wine. The samples tend to contain about a shot glass and a half of wine. The event takes place in the Rivermarket area of downtown Kansas City and focuses on one country each time, say Spain. However, when we went, each vendor served wine from a country that participated in the world cup. If you live in the Kansas City area or ever visit, I recommend attending this fun little event. If wine isn’t your thing what’s wrong with you, go to see the art and knick knacks that local artists create and sell there.

// I always like going to a water park at least once during the summer. It is a summer essential for me. I am a real wuss when it comes to real theme park rides (no spinny or upside down rides for me, thanks), so I can do more at water parks (except speed slides — those are not really my thing). Six of us ventured over to Schlitterbahn for a water-filled day of fun. Not sure if you know this, but the Schlitterbahn in Kansas City now has the tallest water slide in the world. It’s called Verruckt and it literally translates to “insane” in German.


Some quick facts about it for you: it stands at 168 ft 7 in tall, the first drop is equivalent to 17 stories, the riders’ raft reaches 65 mph and it lasts only 10 seconds. No, I did not go on it. I am not insane. It brought in A LOT of people, though. You have to sign up to ride it when you first get in the park. People that were in our group wanted to ride it, but everything was booked up for the entire day when we go there at 10:30 a.m. The park opened at 10 a.m. It’s crazy to me that you have to be weighed THREE times before riding it. Once when you sign up, then once at the bottom of the 264 stairs, and then once when you get to the top. But hey, safety is safety, right? We spent the day doing all the other rides. I enjoy the lazy river that has rapids the best. We went on it four times! :) We’re planning on fitting in another water park this summer: Oceans of Fun.

// David and I are all caught up with Parenthood on Netflix, which makes me really sad. There are so many shows that need to start uploading their latest episodes onto Netflix, like: Bones, Last Man Standing, and Parenthood, of course. Ugh. So any recommendations on what we can start binge-watching next? And just to put it out there… I’m not sure I’m an Orange is the New Black type of person.

// Do you guys like reading inspirational/motivational quotes and stories as much as I do? Well, if you do, I found a blog you’d like: tinybuddha.com. My two favorites (so far) are: 4 Tips to Stop Pushing Yourself and Doing Too Much and Stop Waiting for Tomorrow: 3 Steps to Loving Your Life Now.

// I was offered the opportunity to see Justin Timberlake again and I grabbed it. You all can hate me now. I saw him back in February in Omaha, but there’s just something about seeing him in your hometown. My friend Mary, who also went to see him back in February with me, was going to see him here in KC with a different friend. Well, her friend ended up not being able to go, so her ticket was up for grabs. I was more than happy to oblige. The seats weren’t as great as when we went to Omaha, but it was fun to see the concert from a different perspective. (We saw him from the side in Omaha, but saw him from straight on here in KC.) While it was great hearing J.T. yell “Kansas City,” I must say I had a better concert experience in Omaha. We were closer. He wore a suit and tie the entire set (at this one, he wore other clothes, like lightening bolts on his shirt, yuck). I didn’t know the set, so everything was a surprise. I had great company: both Mary and Mimi were with me. And the roar of the crowd was amazing. Nevertheless, I’m still super thankful and lucky that I got to see him twice. And with that, I’ll just leave you with these pretty pretty pictures of him… a couple of them are blurry, but I think still decent for where I was sitting. :)

See. Ugly lightening bolt shirt.

See. Ugly lightening bolt shirt.

"Let the Groove Get In." This is the part in the show where a part of the stage moved to the back of the audience -- where we were!

“Let the Groove Get In.” This is the part in the show where a part of the stage moved to the back of the audience — where we were!

This is my favorite picture I took that night. It perfectly captures the star quality J.T. mixed with a touch of down-to-earthness. (I may have just made that word up...) Basically, he is just a very cool guy that wants to have a drink with the crowd.

This is my favorite picture I took that night. It perfectly captures the star quality J.T. has mixed with a touch of down-to-earthness. (I may have just made that word up…) Basically, he is just a very cool guy that wants to have a drink with the crowd. Look at the joy on people’s faces!

JTConcert2-04 JTConcert2-05

We saw his backside a lot. No complaining from this girl. ;)

We saw his backside a lot. No complaining from this girl. ;)

// This blog is now officially 2 years old. Holy cow, time flies. You’d think I would have changed my top photo by now?! ;) Anyways, thank you to everyone who continues to read the words I choose to write here in this little space of mine.

What was your favorite part of July? What do you always set aside time to do in the summer?