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On Tuesday night, my friend Mary and I joined more than 14,000 fans at the Sprint Center to watch the spectacle that is Katy Perry and her Prismatic World Tour. For 2 hours, I forgot about the outside world and happily immersed myself in her colorful, fun world.













I first saw her perform at the Sprint Center 3 years ago. It was her candy-drenched California Dreams tour. It was one of my favorite concerts, so I knew I couldn’t pass on this one. The Teenage Dream album is still my favorite, but I can’t deny that I really dig a number of songs on this latest album of her’s. Her setlist balanced her new songs with her older songs. She played everything I wanted and that doesn’t happen often for me much at concerts! She melded them together and placed them in different sections, which was complete with a different costume, of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would love to play dress up in her make-believe-turned-real-life costumes!

Section 1: Prismatic


1. Roar

2. Part of Me

3. Wide Awake

4. This Moment

5. Love Me

Section 2: Egyptian
(Complete with an animatronic horse!)



6. Dark Horse

7. E.T.

8. Legendary Lovers

9. I Kissed a Girl

I really wish I had photos from the I Kissed a Girl performance. Another thing I love about Katy Perry is that she’s not afraid to have fun. During this particular song, she had mummies (because we’re still in Egypt) with HUGE butts running around trying to catch her.

Section 3: Cat-Oure
(LOTS of animated cat videos played on the screen)


10. Hot N Cold

11. International Smile (with a tiny snippet of Madonna’s Vogue)

Section 4: Acoustic


12. By the Grace of God

13. The One That Got Away (with a snippet of Thinking of You)

14. Unconditionally

This section was one of my favorite parts of the entire concert, and not just because she would stand still long enough for me to take a decent picture! I enjoy hearing artists talk to the audience. She always (I say always, I’ve only seen her twice) does it longer than most, which is why she is one of my favorite artists. She told us about her trip to Schlitterbahn (“I went to your guys’ national monument…Schlitterbahn. And yes, I rode THAT ride.”) and to visit the King Tut exhibit at Union Station (which makes total sense) all in 24 hours! Side note: I went to the King Tut exhibit a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic! She also talked about her garden back in California and how she grows kale: “…Because it’s the fad right now. We can’t just look at it in Old Country Buffet anymore — we actually have to eat it now.”

My favorite picture. She is looking at the camera!! What a lucky shot. :)

My favorite picture. She is kinda looking at the camera!! What a lucky shot. :)

Yet another thing I adore about Katy Perry (we should just call it a major girl crush at this point), is that she is so incredibly sweet to the audience. At her California Dreams show, she brought several people up on stage to dance with her. This time around she brought two people up on stage.


She handed a little girl a pepperoni pizza (random, but it went along with her story she was telling — turns out Katy is gluten intolerant). Katy asked her about her costume and she yells out, “My mom helped me with it!” This little girl melted my heart. And, as Mary can attest, I almost cried. I am such a sap. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?!

Section 5: Throw Back
(Think color, color, COLOR!)


15. Megamix Dance Party (Lots of songs from the 90s)

16. Walking on Air

17. It Takes Two


18. This is How We Do (with a snippet of Last Friday Night {T.G.I.F})


Inflatables floated around the audience as Katy Perry performed This is How We Do.

Section 6: Hyper Neon
(Toss some more color on top of the color that was already there)

19. Teenage Dream

20. California Gurls



Section 7: Encore 1

21. Birthday

Remember how I said she called up two people on stage? Well, here’s where the second one comes in. Katy asked the audience if anyone had had a birthday recently. (‘Cause we all know her hit song right now is Birthday.) One lucky guy that had a birthday within the past week got to go up on stage and sit on a throne while Katy sat in his lap and videotaped the song with his phone. Isn’t she the coolest?! I bet that dude was on Cloud 9.

That's Katy Perry there hanging onto the balloons!

That’s Katy Perry there hanging onto the balloons!



Section 8: Encore 2

22. Firework

Now, I must admit Firework is probably my least favorite song. I know, I’m weird. You’d think a positive person like me would like it, but alas it’s toward the bottom of my list. Regardless, she still gave a spectacular performance of it, complete with actual fireworks. Who saw that coming? ;)


Can you tell I had an unbelievable time?! Katy Perry doesn’t ever disappoint. Now, don’t ask me which concert I liked best: this one or the California Dreams Tour. They are both spectacular in their own right.

But I will tell you, out of all the concerts I’ve been to (and you know I’ve been to a lot!), Katy Perry is my favorite overall performer. She is a true entertainer that knows how to wrap up music, lights, video, dancing, aerial feats, acrobatics, and a highly-involved stage (we’re talking conveyor belts and trap doors!) into a show that bursts at the seams with energy and infectious fun. She can balance fierce with vulnerableness, turn around and sing a collection of party songs, and then center herself and belt out a couple of empowering self-esteem songs. I would sit and stare at her in awe if I wasn’t busy dancing in my seat.


There ya have it. It was a really really good concert and I recommend you seeing one of her shows if you ever get the chance. Alright, I’ll stop gushing now and start daydreaming about wearing a sparkly dress and dancing underneath confetti…because I can’t get over that the show is over.

Setlist found here.

1. What is your favorite Katy Perry song?

I don’t know if I could pick just one, but I will always enjoy Teenage Dream. The song came out around the time David and I were getting married, so all sorts of happy memories around that time!

2. What combination of things makes a concert for you?

As you read earlier, I really like all the elements that add to the theatrical production of a show: the lights, videos, costumes, and the set-up of the stage, on top of the music of course!