Before we go any further, you should know this is not a post about that one big major holiday in December. This is instead about the days that fill November through February. It’s in these months that my mood and what I want to do with my time changes as soon as the temperature shifts. It’s not that I’m sad when it gets colder out (although, I do get down every now and again because of the weather), but I just feel different. The world feels a little different. I think we all seek our own type of hibernation around this time. And for me, even with the holidays approaching, things begin to wind down a bit. I like it. It’s the time to rest and indulge.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to doing in the coming months.

  • Changing up what I’m listening to. This time of the year makes me want to turn on Spotify’s Your Favorite Coffeehouse station or a playlist that is full of Michael Bublé tracks with some jazz songs thrown in there and chill out. I’ve been known to daydream that I’m hanging out in a cozy bar, with my winter coat draped over the back of my chair, listening to a performer up on stage. It’s around the 1960s and snow is falling outside. I have quite the imagination, don’t I?
  • Nesting and being home more. With the hustle and bustle of summer and early fall settling down, I feel more motivated to cook and bake — to finally try some Pinterest ideas I’ve been pinning all year — and to nest in general. David and I are talking about painting the bathroom and the bedroom. Who knows when or if we’ll go through with it, but the thought of change is exciting. We are already comparing paint chip samples on the wall — that’s at least a step in the right direction!
  • Being lazy. Although I do it all year, the chill in the air outside makes it totally acceptable to sit my butt on the couch and watch TV. The only difference now being I have a fuzzy blanket over my feet and a mug of hot tea in my hands.
  • Wearing cold weather clothes. While I’m not looking forward to snow or ridiculously cold weather, I adore that the temperature allows me to wear boots, sweaters, tights, and my ruffled peacoat.

    Throwback alert! Mimi and I in 2011. I've had this coat a long time!

    Throwback alert! Mimi and I in 2011. I’ve had this coat a long time!

  • Snuggling. It’s the perfect time of year for some good ‘ol snuggling — whether it’s with your significant other or pet. It’s your choice, but get on it. I choose both. Dexter loves snuggling in between David and I.
    Repost from my Instagram: David and Dexter one Sunday morning.

    Repost from my Instagram: David and Dexter one Sunday morning.

    Besides the holidays, what are you looking forward to doing for the next several months? Do you see a change in your way of life during the winter?