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Hi all! I’m still alive…just in case you were wondering. ;)

I’ve been doing exactly what I had posted about WAY back in November: being lazy. And it’s been awesome. Have you ever encountered a time in your life where you just wanted to “maintain” and not reach for the stars? Welp, that’s been me lately. I go to work and work out three times a week, but other than that David and I have been watching a lot of TV on Netflix. We’re already about to start Season 6 of Gilmore Girls. We’re hooked.

Laziness is still prevailing, but I wanted to pop in real quick before January ends to let you in on my goals, or rather, my year to-dos, for when my motivation catches back up with me. They aren’t resolutions by any means. They are simply things I’d like to accomplish, so why not set my sights on completing them this year? Some are fun. Some are practical. And some are just for me. If I don’t accomplish all of them, I won’t mind, because even if I only accomplish some that may be more than I would have if I didn’t make the list. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

Before we jump into these 2015 to-dos, let’s revisit my 2014 resolutions/goals and how I did. Spoiler alert: they didn’t go well.

  • Do more freelance work, whether it’s writing, graphic design, and/or photography. This one gets a big ‘ol thumbs down. While I did four projects in 2013, I only did three projects in 2014. I helped my friend Kris fill a locket for his wife’s birthday. I took a photo of him and a photo of their cat. It was sweet! I also designed my friend Nicole’s baby shower invitation. I’m of course biased, but I think it turned out super cute!

    You’ll have to imagine it without the white bars. I wanted to cross out her address and some phone numbers and email addresses.

    For my third project of the year, I took photos of Kemper Arena to help my friend Mary with her promotions business.
    Kemper1 Kemper4 Kemper24

  • Reach out to college friends (or anyone I don’t talk to on a regular basis) and catch up. Mark another tally in the fail column. I didn’t make an effort to talk to anyone that I don’t see/talk to on a normal basis. It would of been as easy as sending a Facebook message, but I didn’t do that. Drat. I’m friendly, but sometimes it takes a little pep talk for me to say something first.
  • Decorate the house more. Ooh! Ooh! Finally one I can positively comment on. We didn’t do a huge overhaul or anything like that; we did a couple of little things that have made a big difference. Our living room was looking rather plain, so David and I found this lovely painting at Pier 1. We have red pillows on our green couch (it doesn’t look hideous, I promise), so the red in the painting complemented the area perfectly. Plus, you all know David and I love anything nature-related.

    I would show you it actually on the wall, but that would require me to clean a little bit…

    The second decorating project we tackled last year was painting the bathroom. It went from a plain creme color to a light green called Crisp Celery. We also picked up new gray towels. We had light green ones before. The green would have been too overwhelming if we left them in there.

    Sorry that the lighting is off. I needed to bring out the green in the towels, so you could see it.

    Sorry that the lighting is off. I needed to bring out the green in the towels, so you could see it.

    Holy moly. The pictures don’t do a good job representing the exact green we used. The middle photo in the After set looks the closest to what it’s like in real life. It’s MUCH better in person. Trust me.
    We have two bathrooms in the house, but the second one is in the basement; therefore, we use this one all the time. I really enjoy looking at our little revamp every day. It was another great step in making our house our home.
    We also got a new refrigerator! Our old one came with the house, which was greatly appreciated at the time, but I was ready to get a new stainless steel one to match the other appliances we had gotten the year before. Our old white fridge had taken a beating. When we inherited it, one of the drawers had a huge chunk of plastic missing (I cursed every single time my hand scraped it while I was trying to reach for the lunchmeat) and several things were held together with surgical tape. Our new one is simple — we don’t have the space to hold a french door one like we wanted. But it sure is nice to have all the bins in tact and no surgical tape in sight.
    New Fridge

  • Give the blog a new look. This one is pretty much a fail, too. You think you have the whole year to accomplish these sorts of tasks and before you know it, time slips through your fingers. At least I put up a new background photo…
  • Master a handful of BodyCombat routines, including an ab one. Woo hoo! One more I can say I achieved! My love for BodyCombat has skyrocketed even more since last year, or well, 2013. It’s the absolute perfect workout for me. It’s fun and motivating, I love the instructor, the music is great, and there’s such an infectious energy in the room that you can’t help being pumped up you’re there. I know at least five routines by memory if not more, even an ab one! To kick my workout up a notch, David got me weighted gloves for Christmas. They are one pound each, so I’m punching with two pounds essentially. I feel kind of hardcore. :) I’m going to sculpt some seriously awesome arms with them.

Enough with looking back — let’s look forward into 2015. Here are the 15 to-dos I’d like to accomplish in 2015.

  1. Start and finish five books. I’m not a big reader, but I’d love to be. I only read the Fifty Shades of Gray series and Wild last year. I’m thinking Gone Girl will be my first one to tackle.
  2. Design and put up a gallery wall in the living room. The only decoration we have in the living room is that painting and some lamps. We need to get some personal photos up! I’d like to place it on this gigantic blank wall you see right when you walk into our place.
  3. Travel to Austin and Houston, Texas to visit friends. David and I haven’t seen two of them (Lauren and Andrew, I’m looking at you) in years! This is a problem that needs to be resolved.
  4. Find and buy new bedroom furniture. Guys, we’ve been searching for MONTHS! I must be the queen of picky. I’d like rustic, but not too rustic. I’d also like the bed to come in a sort of collection where I can get a dresser and a nightstand to go with it. And on top of that, I’d like all the pieces be affordable and in town (I don’t do a whole lot of online shopping), and preferably made with high-quality wood. Yeah, I think I see the problem now. It’s me.
  5. Be good to myself and don’t stretch myself too thin (at least not all the time). This is always a struggle for me. I concentrate on making other people happy so much that I need to remember myself and my needs.
  6. Try trail running. David and I have been wanting to do this for years. Maybe this will be the year we finally do it.
  7. Clean and organize the basement. It’s such a pigsty down there. Stuff is everywhere. On the floor. On tables. Ugh. That is the one area in the house that I really really want to organize.
  8. Go on one climbing date with David. For the longest time, I was very against going to an indoor rock climbing place. Something about climbing makes my palms sweat and my anxiety spike. But then, we went on the Grand Canyon trip and I had to tackle more climbing than I had ever done before. It boosted my confidence a little bit, enough so I’m willing to give it a go once. No promises after that. Plus, it would make David so happy. He’s been asking if we can go for a long time.
  9. Host a small brunch get together. I love brunch and I love hosting parties. So, in theory it sounds like a win-win.
  10. Attempt to actually do something with my hair on a handful of occasions. I am 27 years old and I still have never curled my own hair. (I had my mom place hot rollers in my hair for high school dances.) I feel like it’s a basic skill that I’ve never learned how to do. All I ever to do with my hair is keep it down or put it up in a pony tail. There is no in-between. I figure since I have longer hair now, I might as well have some fun with it!
  11. Go on a donut date with my dad. When I was a little girl, Dad and I would always get donuts together every Saturday morning — just the two of us. It was our thing. We are long over due for another one.
  12. Go mall walking with Mom and Grandma. My mother and grandmother have their own Saturday morning tradition — they walk around the practically abandoned Metcalf South mall together and catch up. I bet they wouldn’t mind me crashing one of their walking sessions.
  13. Camp one night by ourselves. This may be hard to believe, but David and I have never camped one night by ourselves. We’ve always been with a group or on a guided tour. It’s time to start backpacking and camping on our own.
  14. Explore Kansas City more. I have lived in a suburb of Kansas City my entire life and I feel like I only know maybe half of what the city has to offer. I’d love to start my exploration at two well-known Kansas City destinations that I’ve never been to before (or it’s been 10+ years): the World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.
  15. Say no more often. This is hard for me. I always feel like I have to say yes to something if I don’t already have plans — or even figure out a way to fit everything in. This one piggybacks off of No. 5. I need to know my limits and start scaling back. There is no need for me to run myself ragged.

There ya have it — 15 to-dos in 2015. (I wish I could take credit for the catchy 15 in 2015, but alas, that was all David.)

What are your plans for 2015? Do you have a resolution? A goal? Or perhaps a to-do (place you want to visit, a skill you want to learn, etc.)?